Top 3 Sports Brands That Use Visual Configuration for Sporting Goods

Jogger wearing custom winter gear designed through visual configuration for sporting goods

Finding creative ways to make it easier for your eCommerce athletics customers to understand exactly what they are buying is essential. Tools like visual configuration for sporting goods can be an excellent way to:

  • Minimize returns
  • Earn repeat customers
  • Increase your brand's overall customer satisfaction metrics

These are important considerations for any online seller. But they can be even more essential for brands that sell custom clothing and uniforms, sporting goods that cannot be returned for safety reasons and other custom products. 

Sporting goods companies are just one of many industries that are finding success incorporating visual configuration into their eCommerce shops. Here is an overview of this rapidly growing trend and how several sporting goods and athletic clothing companies use it. See how this innovative option can benefit your business!

What is visual configuration for sporting goods? 

The eCommerce industry has come a long way since a few basic photographs were enough to create a website that kept your customers' interest. Modern online shops frequently take advantage of visual configuration, a tool that allows them to showcase products in much greater detail than simple pictures can.

This allows online shops to show customers how a particular product looks and functions from any angle. 


Visual configuration for sporting goods includes a variety of special features, such as:

  • Providing 3D renderings of products
  • Virtually showing customers how a particular product will look in their homes or on themselves
  • Instantly adjusting images to incorporate colors, materials, styles, personalization options and other choices customers apply when customizing a particular item before making a purchase decision

Shoppers may think that no eCommerce shopping experience can perfectly replicate seeing, handling and trying on physical items in a store. But visual configuration for sporting goods goes a long way toward increasing customers' confidence in what they are buying. 

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Athletic brands that use visual configuration 

Tennis athlete with a racket designed via visual configuration for sporting goods

From designing custom uniforms to creating personalized fitness equipment, the sporting goods industry is filled with ways to use visual configuration. Companies can then give their customers the best possible digital representation of what they are getting. 

Here are three brands that successfully use visual configuration to enhance customers' shopping experiences on their websites.

1. Nike

NIKE IDNike has topped countless lists of popular athletic clothing brands over the years. The company's dedication to providing the best possible experiences for its target audience includes using visual configuration; this makes it easier for online shoppers to see exactly what they are getting. 

This popular brand's website incorporates various configuration options that allow shoppers to try various settings. They can then determine which products and options best fit the specific purpose they have in mind. 

Whether users are in the market for neutral running shoes or a new pair of brightly colored athletic shorts, Nike's visual configuration system shines. It gives shoppers the best possible chance of making a purchase that works well for what they have in mind. 

This brand's visual configuration options allow online shoppers to select the specific colors, materials and other details of certain products they are interested in. As a result, they can determine whether a particular product variation is the perfect fit. 

Nike also prioritizes providing customers with plenty of views of its products; they include plenty of complete configurations of every color or other customizable options. 

Athletic shoes can come with unexpected colored soles. Active clothing can incorporate reflective material that not all customers are interested in. Also, clothing can include other differences that would be less noticeable if color variations only included some angles. 

Nike does an excellent job of ensuring online shoppers know precisely what every angle of every color option looks like.  

2. Lululemon 

Lululemon's innovative athletic clothing line emerged much more recently than Nike's products. But the modern boutique-style activewear brand utilizes a similar approach when it comes to using visual configuration for sporting goods to help customers make decisions. 

Lululemon offers a smaller selection of styles to choose from than Nike and many other older athletic brands do. But most of the company's pieces are offered in a variety of colors. This makes it easy to build an athleisure wardrobe that prioritizes neutrals or incorporates fun colors. 

Lululemon has also recently introduced several styles of athletic shoes, each of which is available in various colors that can be mixed and matched with many of the brand's clothing options. 

Their products are displayed using several visual configuration views that highlight the best of what each style has to offer. Configured views make it easy for shoppers to picture themselves wearing them, even if they do not live close enough to a store to see them in person before making a purchase decision.  

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3. Bespoke Cycling 

Visual configuration plays an important role in helping individuals and sports teams design and purchase clothing and uniforms that work well for them. But it can also be valuable for companies with a wide range of fitness products and sporting goods. 

Bespoke Cycling is a highly customizable bicycle brand. It gives customers the opportunity to use visual configuration to design a bike that incorporates a variety of adjustable or interchangeable options. 

Bespoke shoppers can get in touch with the company while deciding which specific options will work the best for them. But the brand's innovative use of visual configuration makes it easy to see exactly how specific selections will look on your finished bike, often making direct communication unnecessary. 

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At Threekit, we prioritize keeping brands in the loop about the latest trends in using visual configuration. Whether your brand specializes in uniforms, athletic clothing and shoes, fitness equipment or other types of sporting goods, visual configuration is a simple and modern way to give your potential customers the best understanding of how the products they select will look and function. 

Get in touch with us today to learn more about the benefits of utilizing visual configuration to create the best possible first impression of your athletic brand for your customers. See how partnering with us is a simple way to get started!