The Power of Visual Commerce for Golf Brands

Leveraging engaging visual content and innovative merchandising approaches in the golf industry enables brands to create immersive experiences that captivate their customers. 

Key Takeaways

  • Personalized product visualization and augmented reality (AR) experiences elevate customer engagement.
  • High-quality images and 3D renderings support storytelling-based marketing, enabling brand differentiation in the market.
  • Interactive in-store displays create unique and memorable shopping experiences.

Increase Engagement with Visual Commerce

Engaging Visual Content

By leveraging high-quality images and interactive 3D renderings, golf brands can create immersive experiences that resonate with their audience. Interactive elements, such as zoom, explode and rotate enable the customer to ensure satisfaction with important details and more closely mimic in-store shopping.

Additionally, the use of AR experiences both on ecommerce sites and in stores provide a unique and personalized approach to showcasing golf products, leading to increased engagement and conversion rates. This no-risk way to explore a product boosts customer satisfaction, reduces sales support needs and reduces the likelihood of product returns.


True Product Customization

Utilizing a product configurator paired with visual commerce empowers the customer with real-time images of their highly personalized item.

From coordinating clubs and apparel to branded golf carts and caddies, customers can create one-of-a-kind products that fit their aesthetic quickly and easily. And with an advanced CPQ software, they can scale to needs and budget quickly and easily. 

Whether your golf brand is B2C or B2B, allowing variability in color, size, logo and so on increase conversions by creating options that fit an exact need — without the overhead of manufacturing one of each version of a product.

Another Channel for Brand Voice

High-quality visuals enable marketing through storytelling and increase emotional resonance with customers. Consistent brand voice and values, essential for establishing a strong presence in ecommerce, are easily conveyed in visual elements.

Underline a commitment to customer satisfaction by ensuring accurate and interactive visuals, as well as a sales platform that integrates with visual configurators, PIM, ERM, DAM and pricing engines.

Sales rep and customers using a Magento product configurator in a store

Innovative Approaches to Visual Merchandising in Golf

In the competitive world of golf retail, interactive in-store displays are a game-changer. These displays showcase as well as create an immersive environment that invites customers to engage with the brand on a deeper level.

Customers can see and feel the products, but more importantly, they can customize them to their preferences right in the store. For instance, a golf enthusiast might use a touchscreen to select the grip, shaft and head of a golf club, seeing their choices come to life on a large display.

Additionally, visual commerce bridges the gap between online shopping and in-store browsing, by allowing the customer to create their personalized item online and experience its heft, grip or fit using an in-store product sample.

lookbook-retail 3D config taylormade

TaylorMade Golf Company and Threekit

Optimizing the SIM2 Driver

Industry giant TaylorMade partnered with Threekit to elevate their ecommerce experience for customers with the use of interactive 3D visuals and personalization options.

As an expert in both the Salesforce platform and the ecommerce market, Threekit created and implemented a smooth, beautiful, smart and functional personalization journey for TaylorMade’s SIM2 driver. Customers can quickly and easily configure and personalize their club’s head, shaft, grip, color and other features.

The new interface also provides a high-resolution, 3D rendering of a customer’s unique club. The user can grab and swivel the image with smooth, intuitive mouse movements, or select pre-programmed club views to see the product from every angle. The 3D rendering changes in real-time with each customization. 

"We loved hosting our website on Salesforce Commerce Cloud, but we had a vision to make it even better. Threekit made that vision a reality, and the results speak for themselves."
-John Gonsalves, Vice President of Direct to Consumer and Digital, TaylorMade Golf Company



Stunning Outcomes

Within six weeks after launching the new club personalization tool, TaylorMade saw double the forecasted amount of website traffic.

Additionally, the company reached its 3-month sales target in just 30 days.

With this proof of high ROI, TaylorMade is now working to scale the customization capabilities into other products. The next priority is to upgrade the golf ball configurator with additional personalization capabilities, including logo uploads and custom text in multiple areas.


The potential for continued innovation and customer-centricity in the golf industry is vast, and the integration of visual commerce with cutting-edge technologies is poised to redefine the customer journey.

The integration of technology like 3D renderings and product configurators, as provided by Threekit, is pivotal in creating these dynamic experiences. By allowing customers to interact with products in a highly detailed and personalized way, golf brands can foster a more engaging and memorable shopping experience.