Monetize Focus and Attention With a Shopify Product Customizer

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You've likely heard attention be referred to as a kind of currency in media and marketing circles. Exactly what that means — and how your company can apply it to your Shopify product customizer — can be confusing, though. 


How can attention be currency? After all, it's just someone engaging with your brand on the most basic level. 

It's not like that means they'll give you money, right? Well, believe it or not, in the modern age, that's often all it takes.

Consider YouTube. While they have 50 million paid users, that's only 2.5% of all users. The vast majority of users don't pay them. They use it for free and view ads. 

YouTube makes big bucks from this simple act of attention. The more people are watching, the more that ad space is worth. Social media influencers on platforms like Instagram work in much the same way, though that's not all people mean when they say it.

There are many ways to monetize attention, and not all of them are so direct. While many eCommerce websites use affiliate marketing and display ads on their product pages, that's not the only way to benefit financially from user focus in eCommerce. 

It's extremely lucrative, and the revenue streams vary widely.

As any financial advisor or wealthy entrepreneur will tell you, profitable, diversified revenue streams are the best ways to make big money online. So, do we have your attention? 


Then, let's go over why attention is considered so valuable and how you can monetize customer focus by adding a Shopify product customizer to your online store.

Product Customizer Apps Provide Useful Data

In the digital age, data is the most valuable commodity there is, with some business authorities calling data the holy grail of customer attention. Many successful businesses are built solely on the collection and sale of user data alone. 

That's because knowing what people do, think, enjoy and want helps businesses determine what to sell and how. Data on everything from how people read content to how they navigate websites and search for products online helps businesses design and promote their content and products to users better. 

A Shopify product customizer gives your shoppers access to a great app with the functionality to make their own products using simple but powerful features like:

  • Dropdown menus
  • Checkboxes
  • Text fields to add their own personalized text inputs 
  • File uploads of SVGs, JPGs, PNGs, clipart and other visuals
  • Templates to guide them
  • Bulk actions to save time by making multiple changes at once

While they customize their watches, luggage or other custom products, the Shopify product customizer can collect data on:

  • Every action they take
  • The product options they choose
  • Which customizable products sell the most units
  • The demographics with the most custom orders
  • The product design elements with the fewest buyers
  • And so much more

That can tell you what to stock the most of, who to market your ads towards and when it would be more lucrative to remove or hide options on the product builder to avoid buying things that don't sell well enough to justify the spending. 

This design tool doesn’t just help you unlock a wealth of data to make your business more profitable. It also increases customer satisfaction.  

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Customizing Takes Time — Dwell Time

Using a custom product designer tends to eat up a good chunk of time for users. Not only do they enjoy creating products that are tailor-made for them and their needs, but a Shopify product customizer can accommodate unlimited product options and customization combinations. 

It also offers real-time visual and pricing updates, which can make looking through your choices take longer (in a fun way). 

That's good for a website's metrics because it tells Google that your site is relevant and enjoyable. When customers dwell on your product page being their own product personalizer, Google takes that as a sign that the link they clicked correctly matched their searcher intent. 

Google will rank sites higher for that. 

Also, the longer they stay, the more Google sees that your site is engaging enough to capture their attention, raising your rank further. The higher you rank on Google, the more customers will see your site.   

Customized Products Make It to Checkout

Thanks to features like augmented reality (AR) and 360° visuals, consumers are more likely to buy a product that they customize themselves. Of course, custom products are likely to be something the user likes because they chose all the elements. 

Also, there are a whole host of psychological factors that feed into this trend. Even the ease-of-use provided by Shopify product customizers aids users in shopping as autonomously as they prefer. The customization tool makes it easier, lowers effort scores and minimizes the need for customer support calls. 

All these factors, along with the confidence gained from having high-quality visuals to reassure them that they've chosen correctly, make a purchase much more likely.

Cart abandonment is a huge issue for eCommerce that eats up a lot of sales. But customized products are more likely to make it all the way to the checkout.  

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More Attention Can Mean Higher Order Values

Shopper relaxing and browsing through a Shopify product customizer for fun

People often buy things they didn't intend to. We've all done it. 

That urge to get an impulse item you didn't plan to buy is the whole reason grocery stores keep the most tempting treats at the checkout lines. You can avoid going down the candy aisle, but you have to pay eventually. 

When customers are focused on your product pages and options for extended periods, they're more likely to decide that they just have to have something they didn't plan to buy.

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Attention You Can Take to the Bank

Attention is the growing focus for many businesses because no matter how you make your money, there are always ways to monetize having a customer's attention. A Shopify product customizer just so happens to be one way to make that exceptionally easy and profitable, all in one move. 

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