How a WooCommerce Product Configurator Fits in the Consideration Stage

Customer using a WooCommerce product configurator to research solutions

Operating a WooCommerce store offers many great benefits to your customers, but understanding how to appeal to customers at different stages of their experience with you is critical to getting the most out of it. A WooCommerce product configurator can aid you as you navigate the buyer's journey with your customer. 


Every customer you come into contact with will be at a different stage of their interaction with you. Some will be gathering information, while others will be closer to making a final decision. 

For those customers in the middle of their journey — not necessarily new to your store but also not ready to commit to a sale — a WooCommerce product configurator can be a valuable tool in persuading them to buy from you. 

So how can it do this? Let's take a closer look at the buyer's journey and how a WooCommerce product configurator can fit into the middle-of-funnel portion of it, serving as a way to help customers choose your product. 

What Is the Buyer’s Journey?

First, a definition: the buyer's journey is the experience a potential customer goes through on their way to buying your product. It has three phases: 

  1. Awareness
  2. Consideration
  3. Action

Awareness is when the potential customers first acknowledge they have a problem that needs solving. It's a problem that could present an opportunity for your product to fix. They've started looking around for a solution to their problem. 

Consideration is when the customer has more clearly defined their problem and is now actively looking for solutions. They're browsing around, comparing different offers, and weighing the various offers available to them. 

Action is when the customer makes a final decision on the right solution for them and takes action on it. 

This entire process is also sometimes referred to as a sales funnel. Customers enter (or are driven to enter) the funnel. Then they hopefully emerge from the other side, having decided to buy from you. 

All three phases are important. But we're going to talk about the middle consideration phase and why it's so crucial to your success — and how the WooCommerce product configurator can help. 

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What Happens During the Middle-of-Funnel Portion of the Buyer’s Journey?

As noted above, the middle-of-funnel portion is when the customer has a much better idea of what their problem is and what they'll need to solve it. They're more experienced in finding out what they need. 

They're now looking at various offers that different companies can provide them with. These come from you and your competitors. 

This stage is all about research, evaluation, and comparison. They're matching offers up against one another, finding out who can give them the best option that meets all their needs (flexibility, pricing, etc.). 

Here's how a WooCommerce product configurator can assist with this part of the process. 

A WooCommerce Product Configurator Serves as Another Research Point

A WooCommerce product configurator is a simple product, really. It uses virtual photography, augmented reality, and 3D photorealistic images to enable customers to build customized products sold in a WooCommerce store.  

Think of the benefits of having a product configurator built into your product page: 

  • Customers can substitute different product features until they have just the right fit. 
  • They can look at different angles of the product in the 360-degree product viewer. 
  • They can use augmented reality to view the product in the setting in which they plan to actually use it.

All of these findings serve as additional research points. When your customer is still evaluating what kind of solution they need, your product builder will guide them through creating their own configurable products. 

Your online store gives them increased functionality geared towards customization. As they build their custom product, your WooCommerce product configurator will provide them with product images and product variations. This will help them better understand what kind of solution they need. 

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The Product Customizer May Help the Customer Identify a Problem They Didn’t Even Know They Had

Try to put yourself in the customer's perspective. When they get to the WooCommerce product configurator, they may still be looking for a static solution offered to them by a competing company without the customization capability you offer. They may not even realize that they can customize product variables to meet their exact specifications.

Then they arrive at your WooCommerce store, still evaluating other options and searching for the best product to solve their problem. With product configuration compatibility, they can suddenly address any problems that they couldn't with other less flexible options. 

In some cases, your visual product configurator could offer them solutions they didn't know were possible or didn't know were needed. Customizable products offer multiple features. Your users can plug and play, creating innovative solutions your competitors may not be able to provide. 

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It Bridges the Consideration-to-Action Gap

Customer considering different products for a current problem

By the time your customer has created their final product in your product configurator, they'll realize they've created everything they needed by themselves. Rather than continue to do research, all they'll need to do is proceed to checkout.

Your WooCommerce product configurator plugin will serve as another data point as they're conducting research, as noted above. But what happens when they've found the exact customization options they need in your store? 

There's no need to continue the evaluation. The WooCommerce product customizer gave them what they needed. 

Provided your WordPress website is optimized correctly, you should be able to compel the customer to make the sale from here. Simply put, the WooCommerce product configurator can significantly shorten the gap between the consideration stage (middle-of-funnel) and the action stage (end-of-funnel). 

If this sounds like a valuable tool to help usher customers from the research phase to the buying phase, don't wait. Integrate it with your eCommerce store as soon as possible. That's where Threekit can help. 

We're experts at assisting companies with integrating a WooCommerce product configurator into their online store. For more on how we can help you set this up effortlessly and seamlessly, contact us to schedule a consultation with our WooCommerce product configurator team.