How to Build Interest in Your Salesforce Product Configurator on Twitter

Shopper seeing fun products in a Salesforce product configurator on social media

Social media is one of the most effective marketing channels, and Twitter is among the top social media platforms that warrant your attention. By promoting your Salesforce product configurator on Twitter, you can reach a wide target audience and boost your omnichannel marketing strategy.

Since product configuration is still somewhat new to many people, your audience could be in the dark about it. Twitter can help:

  • Increase awareness
  • Position you as an innovative industry leader
  • Bring more high-paying clients to your website

Let's take a look at why Twitter is worth your attention and how to leverage its tools to promote your visual product configurator.

Top Reasons to Advertise on Twitter

Twitter advertising involves building your account, attracting followers and leveraging Twitter Ads. From organic to paid marketing, Twitter is an excellent platform to promote your Salesforce product configurator.

  • Reach a wide target audience: In the United States, almost 78 million people use Twitter. The platform also has 206 million daily active users worldwide.
  • An impressive ad variety: Twitter Ads are highly advanced. They allow you to target specific audiences and place your advertisement in front of the right people at the right time. The entire process is based on automation. Pricing varies depending on the ad format.
  • Omnichannel marketing: Creating touchpoints across numerous channels is the key to improving customer experience. Twitter allows you to leverage CRM data and streamline the omnichannel marketing strategy.
  • Impressive ROI: Well-designed Twitter marketing campaigns can have a 40% ROI.
  • Intuitive approach: Advertising on Twitter is mostly straightforward and user-friendly. If you've done it on other platforms, you won't have trouble doing the same on this one.
  • Excellent trackability: Twitter allows you to track how users click and share your content as well as what they like about it. Twitter audience feedback can be integral to the efforts of your marketing and sales team.

If you are already promoting your Salesforce product configurator on other social media channels, you can repurpose the content to fit your Twitter marketing strategy.

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3 Ways to Advertise Your Salesforce Product Configurator on Twitter

Whether you already have an audience on Twitter or you’re just starting out, these strategies can help you promote product customization opportunities.

1 Create a promo video

Many people have a vague understanding of the product configurator's functionality. The easiest way to educate them is to shoot a demo video, so record how your Salesforce product configurator works in real time. 

Once you have a short promo, you can advertise it on Twitter by:

  • Posting it in your account, so the video appears in your timeline. This is great if you already have numerous followers.
  • Leveraging a paid Video Views campaign. Your video will appear in the timeline of the audience you are targeting.
  • Taking advantage of Promoted Ads. You can add the video to an ad, and then it will appear in the targeted users' timeline.

You can go further to explore other Twitter Ads formats, including Follower Ads. This format places your video ad on different parts of the platform, including search results and the "who to follow" section.

When shooting the demo video, demonstrate how CPQ quotes work. Consumers are always looking for pricing transparency. Show them how easy it is to learn prices with the Salesforce quote generation option.  

2 Share user-generated content

Shopper browsing through a Twitter feed of products customized in a Salesforce product configurator

User-generated content (UGC) is among the most effective ways to promote your products and improve your sales process.

In fact, word-of-mouth marketing is directly responsible for 90% of direct purchases. When your customers configure complex products using your high-tech Salesforce product configurator, they essentially create user-generated content.


Create a customized product catalog and share it with your Twitter audience to show it how the configurator works. When unique items show up in your potential buyers' Twitter timelines, they could feel encouraged to choose add-ons and start some configuring on their own.

Unique product visualization can help others understand how configuration works. Once they configure one product, your customers are likely to stay on board. 

With the CPQ solution integrated directly into the tool, prices also won't surprise them at checkout.  


While you post what your customers are designing, you can also ask them to share their product experience. Encourage consumers to provide content that features them using your products.

  • Implement hashtags: By adding hashtags to your promotional posts, you encourage users to add them, too. With time, you'll be able to find UGC by searching for hashtags.
  • Ask for it: After consumers use your Salesforce product configurator, sales reps should then follow up with them to ask for UGC. Many people are happy to share content in exchange for their photos or videos being posted on the company's social media pages.

You can also create a targeted giveaway campaign on Twitter and make posting content with a specific brand hashtag as part of the participation rule.

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3. Work with influencers

Influencer marketing campaigns can have an impressive 578% ROI. By pairing up with an influencer on Twitter, eCommerce companies don't just promote their products but also raise awareness and improve authority.

Whether you are a small business or a large company, influencers can be highly helpful for your sales and marketing strategy.

Influencers can tag your account in their posts or create content that promotes your configurator. But pricing models for influencer partnerships can vary. 

If you aren't working with these experts yet, then promoting your Salesforce product configurator is a great reason to start.

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Build Interest in Your Salesforce Product Generator From Threekit

A Salesforce product configurator is a highly efficient tool that helps consumers create the products of their dreams. This increases customer satisfaction, minimizes returns, improves workflow and positions your company as an industry leader.

By promoting the product configurator on Twitter, you can reach and educate a big part of your target audience about a high-quality personalization solution.

Threekit allows you to make the most out of product configuration. If you want to learn more, then contact our team to schedule a demo at any convenient time.