How to Add a Visual Configurator to Your Influencer Marketing Strategy

Influencers wearing custom hats designed in a visual configurator

One of the most popular and effective digital marketing strategies is influencer marketing. But like any marketing idea, it requires a well-thought-out plan to execute — a plan you can help bring to fruition with the use of a visual configurator

Influencer marketing is the strategy of tapping into social media personalities with large audiences to promote your brand. Whether it's via Instagram, TikTok or some other popular social media platform, the right influencer can expose plenty of potential new customers to your product. 

3 Ways to Incorporate a Visual Configurator With Your Influencer Marketing Strategy

If you manage an eCommerce site, influencer marketing is powerful in every stage of the sales cycle. If you engage in product configuration, you can even use this capability to help bolster your influencer marketing efforts. 

So what role can a visual configurator play in this? Let's take a closer look at three ways you can use a 3D product configurator to help plan your influencer marketing strategy. 

1. Develop branded gear with your visual configurator your influencers can wear 

If your online store sells custom-made clothing, using influencers to promote and showcase this capability is a fantastic way to alert a large audience about it. 

Imagine creating a custom product for an influencer that they then highlight in a social media post. Think of how powerful that would be. Each follower who sees or likes the post would understand that your brand was responsible for the product they're looking at. 

You can develop branded gear with your logo, colors or other defining characteristics for your influencer to wear. They can then use the post caption to give more details on the product and your company. 

That's the power of customizable products. You can make one specifically for your influencer; give them a gateway into explaining why their fans can have the same product as them or even create their own. 

You can include these kinds of posts in your overarching influencer marketing strategy. Use the visual configurator to help bring them to life in real time and give users options. 

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2. Show influencers using your visual configurator to create electrifying products

Influencer creating a how-to video about using a visual configurator

What’s another way you can use your visual configurator in your influencer marketing strategy? You can have your influencer actually use the 3D product configuration capability in a video.

Your visual configurator will present your customers with a number of options when using your product customizer capability.

They can customize the size, shape and appearance of your product. Shoppers can customize it to their precise needs before receiving a price quote and checking out from their online shopping cart. 

The visual configurator will then generate a 3D visual, using automation to recreate the product they'll receive after completing the sales process. 

This kind of functionality — empowering the customer to fulfill their own choices — lends itself to creating a better customer experience. 

Before your customers use your visual configurator, however, they'll have to know how to use it. 

Now, the interface is simple to operate and master. But that doesn't mean you can't create a fun tutorial using your influencer of choice. 

Creating a video where your influencer provides a quick how-to guide to using your visual configurator accomplishes a few things. It: 

  • Gives your prospective customers actionable guidance on how to create custom products

  • Showcases the powerful 3D product visualization your configurator offers, boosted by augmented reality and virtual photography

  • Creates an association between the influencer and your product lines, providing you with the social proof needed to appeal to the influencer's fan base

A short video in which a popular influencer shows how easy your visual configuration process is can work wonders for your conversion rates.

Their fans see the influencer creating stunning 3D images and 3D models and holding the finished product. Then they'll truly understand what a great buying experience they can have with your brand. 

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3. Coordinate with your influencers to craft social media posts showing what your visual configurator can do

An influencer can play a powerful role in your marketing strategy by showing your customers how to use your visual configurator. But you can coordinate with them to achieve much more than that, as well. 

Influencers often have a distinctive style to their content. Some are funny, others are provocative and still others are informative. 

You'll want to partner with an influencer who fits your brand. For example, suppose you build custom-made office equipment. You might want to partner with a thought leader influencer who develops career and professional-focused content. 

Once you pick the right influencer, you can then work with them on incorporating your visual configurator into their content to show just how effective it is. 

Whether the influencer's posts are showing them creating new products with your visual configurator or putting a new spin on an old classic product, you can align your business goals with the influencer's content style. 

Your influencer's social media posts can show them creating and enjoying configurable products. They can also tout the pros of customization; you can even focus on highlighting the advantages customizable products have over static, inflexible products from your competitors. 

Having your influencer tell their audience why they should configure their own products with your visual configurator will carry a lot of weight. 

Their fans already lend credence to the influencer's thoughts and opinions. Emphasizing the connection between the influencer and your brand in a series of strategically created posts will draw even more customers to your site. 

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Visual Configuration Tools From Threekit

Don't have a visual product configurator? It's time to consider adding one so you can build it into your influencer marketing strategy. 

Your influencer marketing strategy will only be as strong as the offer you can make to your customers. A visual configurator is a valuable add-on to your online store that equips your customers with the power of choice. 

If you want to allow your customers to explore their own creativity by creating unique products, you'll want to partner with Threekit. 

Threekit's visual configurator uses cutting-edge technology to create winning, customized products for your customers. Pairing it with the right influencer content will draw a lot of new fans to your brand and product. 

For more on how Threekit's visual configurator can help you make more sales, contact us today.