How a Product Customizer Helps You Shorten the B2B Sales Cycle

Corporate client making a purchase through a product customizer

If you're an eCommerce retailer selling to businesses, you have your work cut out for you — but a product customizer can help. While the B2B sales cycle is considerably different from selling directly to customers, some of the same tools can still lead to the same boost in sales. 


Research shows that it takes an average of 84 days to convert B2B leads to opportunities and another ten days to work these out into deals. When the process depends on multiple decision-makers and buyer's remorse can have a ripple effect throughout an entire company, it's not surprising that the B2B cycle is so extensive. 

Unfortunately, these delays can also result in fewer sales and more weak points in your sales process. Yet, this doesn't mean that online stores marketing to businesses are doomed. 

6 Ways a Product Customizer Is Built to Improve B2B Sales Experiences

With a product customizer, you can offer easy customization and improve the functionality of your product pages, all while providing your customers with an improved shopping experience.

It's not only possible to accelerate the B2B sales cycle — it's easy. You can put more choices in the hands of your potential customers, allow multiple decision-makers to collaborate on ideas and even manage sales in a way that reduces your workload.  

Ready to shorten your B2B sales cycle with Threekit's high-powered, transformational product customizer? Click here to learn more about our product customizer. Not convinced a product configurator is right for you? Consider these six ways a product customizer works to shorten the B2B sales cycle.

1. The Configuration Process Provides Essential Sales Information

Your product customizer allows customers to design their own products in an easy step-by-step process that eliminates the guesswork that usually comes with B2B sales. 

During the product customization process, information hot spots embedded within your product pages provide essential information about the product. Real-time image and pricing updates provide customers with everything they need to know about the appearance and final price of the customized product. 

Instead of taking the time to call customer support with questions, your B2B customer can be ready to purchase with all the necessary information on hand.

2. Personalization options increase impulse buys and decrease returns

Company purchaser using a product customizer to create custom items

Custom products allow prospective buyers to have a hand in the creation process. This investment makes a customer more likely to buy. 

Your product customizer app allows customers to begin with templates and choose from a variety of product options to create products that meet their needs.

Customization options may include file uploads of clip art or png images and text fields to add company details. Simple features like dropdown menus, checkboxes and drag and drop options make it easy to configure complex products. 

Once complete, a product preview can be saved and shared with decision-makers for approval. This transparent process means customers know what they're getting and are less likely to request returns.

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3. Multiple stakeholders can address pain points in the design process

With the ability to save and share a customized product design, multiple decision-makers can be included in the sales process when it fits into their schedule.

Traditional processes include shopping around, conducting multiple sales calls and scheduling a meeting to choose and approve a final product. But with a product customizer, a prospective buyer can complete the process and make changes to customizable products with input from key stakeholders at any time.

4. 3D digital asset management provides wide-scale repurposing

Repeat purchases of products with the same specifications and quality are essential for many B2B customers. With Threekit's product customizer, you can store product data as individual models, materials and textures to enable wide-scale repurposing. 

Product part and style storage means all component pieces, visual representations and product information stay in one place. This means customers can create a product once, access it with ease and use it again and again.

5. Augmented reality allows B2B buyers to try before buying

The project customization process with Threekit allows customers to configure a project and see the finished product. They can even experience pricing changes in real time. 

Adding augmented reality to your customizer allows your customers to try a product before they buy. 

The ability for a customer to see a product in their space increases the chance of a sale. In fact, 66% of shoppers say augmented reality increases their confidence they're buying the right product. This isn't limited to B2C sales.

AR is the most effective way to bring a customized product to life and close the deal for B2B sales. For businesses, it's even more important to ensure a perfect fit in the company environment. 

By allowing your B2B customers to put the item they just completed into their environment directly from the product page, you can eliminate the likelihood of buyer regret.

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6. Diminish pit stops during the sales process

B2B shoppers face a series of requirements for every purchase. While buyer's remorse for a personal purchase can be intense, B2B shopping decisions can affect an entire company. 

This means the B2B shopping cycle has frequent pauses that can make a sale fall through. Reasons for delay in the B2B sales cycle include waiting for information, seeking approval, negotiation and requesting custom changes.

A product customizer can eliminate those delays in these ways:

  • Thousands of gorgeous product images display the product from every angle to provide customers with all the details of a custom product.
  • Customization in real time directly from the product page eliminates the waiting time for a personalized 3D mock-up or sample of the product.
  • Informative hotspots built into the customization page eliminate the need for Q&A phone tag.
  • The option to save and share projects speeds up the approval process with client-side decision-makers.
  • Real-time pricing changes during customization eliminate the need to wait for answers about pricing changes.

For eCommerce stores making B2B sales, shortening the sales cycle is crucial. Today's B2B buyers are seeking the same convenient shopping experience as B2C customers. Threekit's product customizer helps you meet those needs by providing guided selling that works on the customer's terms.

Ready to shorten your B2B sales cycle, build customer loyalty and close more sales? Powerful product customizers from Threekit act like a support team for your Shopify, Magento, Salesforce, WooCommerce or other online sales platforms to improve the sales process with less work from you. To get started right away, schedule a free demo today.