How 3D Car Customization Online Helps You Sell Truck Bed Accessories

Truck carrying a motorbike with hardware created by 3D car customization online

Product customization is a vital part of your business. Customers looking for truck accessories often know exactly what they want. They want to be able to adjust things to their precise requirements, and 3D car customization online can make it happen.

You need to offer them a shopping experience that helps them pick out exactly the right accessories. A 3D car configurator can offer all of this to you and your customers. Learn more about how 3D configurators can help you sell more and have more satisfied customers, growing your automotive business.

What Is a Product Configurator?

A product configurator uses augmented reality to show your customers how their truck bed accessories will look in and on their vehicle. Anyone with an internet connection can use the configurator to work out what they should buy.

Customers can take photos of their truck bed (and other parts of their vehicle). They can then upload files to your site, which are then used in an online environment to show exactly what the accessories will look like while in place. Alternatively, truck bed accessories and parts can overlay their physical truck through an AR API; shoppers can look through their phone screen to see how the products would look in real life.

Advantages of a Product Configurator Offering 3D Car Customization Online

It's hard to visualize what something will look like when your shoppers are online. But a 3D car configurator can help your customers see how a standard accessory will fit — as well as help them see how a custom design might look. As a result, it greatly improves the customer experience.


A 3D configurator is also better than static images because it allows you to turn the image and see the design from all angles. Our 360-degree product viewer will enable shoppers to spin products around, zoom in and out, and see all the details.

Say, for example, your customer wants to see if a truck bed toolbox is visible from outside the vehicle. After all, toolboxes are often targets for theft. 

Alternatively, they can see how a roof rack will fit, how it will look, and how much it will add to the height of their truck. Then they can tweak the dimensions and the fasteners so it’s customized to their specific truck. Combining 3D visuals and AR will let customers feel more confident that your product is the perfect fit.

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What Are the Benefits of 3D Car Customization Online?

Auto 3D configurator

You can already see that a primary benefit is a better shopping experience. In fact, 71% of consumers would shop more often if they used AR, and 61% say they prefer AR experiences.

There are many other benefits of 3D car customization online, which include:

  1. Allowing customers to see how an accessory will fit their new car or truck before they even buy it. They can visualize truck bed accessories on cars in the lot so they can customize the whole package. For people with very particular needs, such as off-road enthusiasts, this might be how they decide between two trucks they are looking at.
  2. Easing customer doubts. By seeing the item right there through their phone, they know it fits before they order it. This confidence is crucial if they are purchasing online. Many people have anxiety about a purchase not being suitable. People don't always like having to return things to the store, and it can be hugely inconvenient.
  3. Speeding up the shopping experience. In-app purchases can allow customers to buy things without leaving the AR shopping app. Even better, you can have your configurator set up each customization to create a detailed CAD file with manufacturing instructions, which is ideal for heavy customization. Not everyone wants to download an app, so powering your site with 3D car customization online will allow all shoppers to shop, customize, and buy through your website.
  4. Giving the sense of being able to see and touch the product selection without going into the store. 40% of customers will actually pay more if they can customize the product and use AR.
  5. Giving a strong visual first impression. Shoppers want a high-quality visual experience. It works with the way we process information, which encourages people to make purchases.

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Is AR Only for Online Purchases?

No! You can offer AR visualization at your shop, too. Rather than spend time finding the accessory and putting it loosely in place in their truck to see if it fits, you can use AR to shortcut that process.

This helps customers by reducing the amount of time they might spend in the store. It also allows you to offer the same custom designs to in-store purchasers as online shoppers.

People can get the same browsing experience and the same instant feedback and suggestions from you — that is what gets them to swing by instead of ordering online. Then they can also get the benefits of AR. They can use their own device or a workstation you set up to access your platform for 3D car customization online.

Once they have made their choice, they get the convenience of having stock parts and fittings installed straight away, or you can get to work on the custom product.

Full Customization Is a Breeze

Truck driver using 3D car customization online to find accessories for his truck

Custom car enthusiasts either need to find the perfect accessories or want something custom-made to match their style. They can fully customize any truck bed accessories they want. But they can also customize anything else they want for their dream car. Do they want after-market fenders? They can see exactly how they will look, try different colors, and more.

They can take a look at customizable products. For example, you might have a customer who wants a toolbox that will match (or complement) their truck, so they can try different colors until they find what looks best.

They can also check colors on truck bed dividers, bed liners, and storage systems. If they're going for something more extreme, then the same configurator for 3D car customization online can be used to help design and choose body kits for both cars and trucks.

It also means that you can more easily work with all kinds of different truck and car models, from Fords to Teslas, without having to remember what fits what. If all else fails, you can just use your own app to check.

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If you sell custom truck bed accessories, a 3D configurator is the next step for scaling your business. It will help you and your customers choose right-fit accessories and put together custom designs that meet their needs.

We work with people across multiple industries to build 3D configurators, augmented reality viewers, virtual photographs, and more on computers, laptops, and Android and iOS devices. We’re here to help your customers visualize their custom designs so they love every purchase.

Check out our sports car configurator for an example of how this works, and imagine how this can help your business and customers. Then contact us to find out how we can help you drive sales and create an immersive 3D product experience.