Elevate ROI with Threekit's Visual CPQ Software

Threekit's visual configure, price, and quote (CPQ) solutions combine Hollywood-caliber 3D imaging expertise with decades of experience from industry veterans. Today, let's highlight how industry giants use Threekit's software to gain unprecedented Return on Investment (ROI).

Key Takeaways

  • Threekit's visual CPQ solution empowers manufacturers, dealers and distributors to optimize conversions through real-time virtual customization.
  • It enhances product innovation by reducing time-to-market and increasing brand agility.
  • Threekit offers 24/7 global support and is recognized by Gartner, along with securing $65 million in funding and ISO 27001 compliance.

Driving Success for Industry Leaders

For B2C powerhouses like LoveSac and TaylorMade, visual CPQ software is a catalyst for remarkable achievements. After implementing Threekit's visual commerce product, LoveSac grew revenue 130% and saw a 15% increase in attachment rate. TaylorMade received twice as many website visits as forecasted and reached their three-month sales target in just 30 days.

On the B2B front, the results are equally compelling: a 7% reduction in sales support costs, a 30% increase in pipeline and the establishment of a 100% self-service portal are just a few of the victories that Threekit facilitated for manufacturers like Sloan, Hyster-Yale and HP.

These success stories highlight the tangible impact of Threekit's solution on conversion rates and engagement metrics, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the digital retail space.

Unlocking New Channels and Speeding Product Innovation

For B2B companies accustomed to traditional distribution models, Threekit provides the means to reach end buyers directly, as well as empowering dealers and distributors with cutting-edge sales tools.

The platform also accelerates product innovation by enabling real-time configuration without the need for extensive production cycles, ultimately reducing time-to-market and enhancing brand agility.

Crafting Unforgettable Experiences

By leveraging the expertise of Hollywood veterans who worked on iconic visual effects films like Iron Man and Harry Potter, Threekit ensures that brands can deliver immersive and engaging customer experiences.

This real-time, visual customization capability fosters brand advocacy and customer loyalty, positioning businesses ahead of their competition.

customizing table dimensions in real time

A Future-Proof Investment

With endorsements from industry authorities Gartner and Frost and Sullivan, certified ISO 27001 compliance, $65 million in funding and 24/7 global support, Threekit stands as a robust and reliable partner for global enterprises.

The management team's track record includes creating Oracle CPQ and Salesforce Revenue Cloud, attesting to their deep industry knowledge and expertise. In a world where customer expectations are ever-evolving, Threekit's visual commerce software emerges as a future-proof investment.

Threekit is built to tie products, attributes, and product images together in any integration

As global brands seek to navigate complex markets and deliver unparalleled product experiences, Threekit is a beacon of innovation and reliability to help drive business growth.

Contact us today to learn more about Threekit's revolutionary product customizer. Want to see more? Schedule your demo to get started right away.