ZDNET: Threekit + TaylorMade are innovating eCommerce experience

At Threekit, we help our clients build amazing eCommerce customer experiences mostly because it's really fun to watch it transform our clients' online business. We don't do it for recognition, but we'd be lying if we said it doesn't feel nice to be appreciated. That's why we were thrilled today to see our collaboration with TaylorMade Golf featured in an article by ZDNet contributor and Salesforce Evangelist Brian Solis called "2021: The year that 3D and augmented reality for commerce cashes in."

Let's take 3D product configuration as an example. With creative AR graphics, UX, and UI design, buyers can zoom in, spin and add features to products in real-time.
For example, AR Commerce pioneer Threekit and TaylorMade recently launched a 3D powered configurator for golfers to design their own highly customized driver. The "My SIM2" builder provides shoppers with more to see than they would in a traditional onsite purchase journey. It also enables customers to see every buildable variation of the club. It would be impossible to do that in a physical showroom.
Customers are already asking for this kind of dynamic, immersive environment in other parts of their digital lives. 83 percent of customers pointed to images as the most influential factor in their online purchase decisions. And in a recent Harris Poll, 60% of shoppers say they want to see products online in 3D and AR. Furthermore, they are willing to pay up to 20% more to get it. The ROI is there. Putting a 3D configurator on a brand's website has helped some brands to realize an immediate 30% increase in conversion and a 50% reduction in returns by implementing interactive 3D visuals.


We couldn't have said it better ourselves, Brian! In fact, we're so proud of the work we did for TaylorMade that our CEO Matt Gorniak is giving away a SIM2 driver to one lucky commenter on his LinkedIn page. If you want to win a custom driver that matches your swing and your colorful personality, check out his post to read the rules and enter the drawing.