Brasseler: A Premier 3D Configurator for Premier Medical Devices

The medical device field is highly complex. A simple online purchasing experience like a 3D configurator for medical devices is a welcome advance in the industry. The leading marketing teams in the category are providing that. While they can’t change the technology, they can certainly make shopping for businesses as easy as possible with visual, interactive experiences.

dental kit customizer - brasseler

Consumers today are looking for more high-quality visuals. In fact, a recent study found that 83% of customers point to images as the most influential factor in their online purchasing decisions. And the habits we’ve developed in our personal shopping have most certainly spilled over into the shopping we do for our work.


In a traditional B2B transaction, salespeople would be in the driver’s seat. They would assess a medical organization’s needs and provide a unique quote based on that information while walking them through a long, convoluted catalogue of offerings. Today, that approach won’t do. Medical device buyers, like all other B2B buyers prefer a self-guided journey in which they have the luxury to explore what’s available to them at their own pace through a rich, visual, engaging user experience.This provides them with an understandable sense of empowerment, which is the best way to prime a prospective customer to turn into a loyal client.

Brasseler is a leading manufacturer of dental instruments and they’ve taken the lead in this new, modern method of conducting B2B sales. Their first-class 3D configurator gives browsers and returning buyers alike the online experience they're looking for by providing leading-edge visual experiences that have the power to showcase virtually unlimited permutations. Users can easily find precisely what their operation needs, and as everyone in the industry knows, precision is everything.  


Step 1: Choose Product

brassler dental kit customizer

Customers are greeted with a sleek, simple design that puts their model front and center while showing their customization options in the right-hand margin. The experience starts broad and gradually works its way toward more specific needs as users proceed. In the first step, users select their product. In this example, we’ve selected the 12-Hole Friction Grip. The first configurable quality available for users is the color. You can see that the original model was blue, but we’ve selected red, which has converted our model to that color in real time.

Step 2: Add Instruments

brasseler dental kit customizer

The Brasseler 3D configurator provides a broad range of instrument options. In this example, we’ve added two as you’ll see in the customization field and reflected in the model. You’ll also notice that our angle and size of the model have changed. Customers can use their mouse to get a full look and feel for the product they’re building as they go. When they drag their mouse, they activate the 36-degree product viewer feature, which provides a look at the model from every conceivable angle. When users scroll up or down they operate the zoom feature. This image shows a close-up giving the customer a highly detailed look at the materials and design of their custom 12-Hole Grip.

Step 3: Customize

brassler dental kit customizer

It’s quite common for medical and dental organizations to brand their devices with their unique logos. The customization stage in Brassler’s 3D configurator enables them to do just that by uploading files, or even simply dragging them into the customization field. They can also add customized text in a simple form field if they choose to do so.

Step 4: Summarize and Finalize

brasseler dental kit customizer

Finally, when the user has designed the perfect 12-Hole Grip for their organization’s needs, they can look at a full summary of their choices as you can see in the right-hand margin. From here, they simply add the item to their cart and finalize their purchase or plan for future purchases. The “Save Configurator” button enables them to return for this custom product later to purchase more as is or to make light modifications.



A Custom Configurator for Your Team

This Brasseler example is one of many. In fact, there are literally infinite variations a 3D configurator can assume, which means the odds are it would be a smart move for your medical device operation. As mentioned at the opening, consumers of all stripes--including medical device buyers--want more visuals in their experiences. They also deserve a full, robust outline of a brand's entire catalogue.

The experienced team at Threekit helped Brasseler build their highly effective 3D configurator and they’ve done the same for businesses of nearly every category. They’re leading the charge in helping brands make the most of the new digital marketing landscape and are uniquely qualified to hold that position. With roots in Hollywood 3D and CGI effects, their high standard for stunning visuals started long before the online consumer knew it was possible. Their robust team of virtual photographers work closely with clients to ensure they’re building precisely what their operation needs. And they partner with some of the world’s leading digital marketing agencies to build modern, leading-edge experiences that set clients apart from the competition. If you’re ready to provide medical or dental organizations with the visual experience they’d prefer, get in touch today for a consultation or demo.