BostonTec: The Ideal 3D Configurator for Commercial Furniture

Today, more than ever, buyers in the B2B category expect high-quality visuals and interactive experiences while shopping for the right solutions. Nowhere is that more true than in commercial furniture. The 3D Configurator for Office Furniture from BostonTec is leading the charge in helping office managers find the furniture they need with the online furniture shopping experience they want.


Bostontec workstation customizer-gif


This new trend in visuals started in the B2C category but it only makes sense that it would find its way to B2B eventually. Today, we’re making purchases for work in the same place we make purchases for ourselves--online. A recent study found that 83% of customers point to product imagery as the most influential factor in their online purchasing decisions. Furthermore, the way we handle B2B transactions has undergone a seismic shift in the past decade. Traditionally, a sales team would work with prospective buyers to walk through their complex offerings and devise a unique quote based on their individual needs. The truth is, most B2B buyers prefer to delay interactions with sales people for as long as possible. They’re looking for a self-guided journey in which they have an opportunity to answer their own questions as they go.

A high-quality 3D configurator for commercial furniture enables users to tour a virtual showroom of that brand’s offerings. In many ways, it actually provides more information than visiting a real showroom would. For example, the configurator on BostonTec’s website is able to virtually limitless permutations, far more than would be on display in the real world. Every office manager or interior designer is going to have different needs in both form and function of their furniture. A 3D configurator gives them a chance to try each available option out and watch it come to life in real time.

Let’s take a look at the BostonTec experience to highlight the features that help customers along their journey toward the perfect office setup.


How It Starts

Bostontec online workstation customizer


When customers arrive at the BostonTec configurator they’re greeted with a world of possibility. In the image shown, a base has been preselected but users can access a dropdown menu in the upper-right to select from a broad range of furniture bases. In this case, we see an electric adjustable desk. Below the base, you’ll notice various customizable features include dimensions, feet, and work surfaces. In the bottom left, you’ll see familiar icons that activate leading-edge interactive features. Users can drag the mouse to operate the 360-degree product viewer, which provides a detailed look at their option from every conceivable angle. They can Zoom in on an angle they like for an even closer look. And there’s always a home button to take them back to the original angle along with a full screen option for a larger view.


Feature: Zoom

Bostontec online workstation customizer


Here we see the zoom feature in full effect, along with the full screen viewer activated. This example shows a maple working surface, which was selected from the original screen. As you can see, users can zoom in close enough to get the clearest possible idea of how the material and designs will appear in the world.


Feature: 360-Degree Product Viewer

Bostontec online workstation customizer


Here we see the 360-degree product viewer in full effect. The user has selected that function as you can see in the lower-left hand corner, then dragged their mouse to adjust the angle of the desk to their liking. They can select new accessories or surfaces on the right as they go. This image also shows the highlight feet, as the user has selected an option from the drop-down menu on the right. As they choose other variations the highlighted outline will remain to signal that it’s an adjustable feature within the configurator.  


Feature: Accessory Builder

Bostontec online workstation customizer


BostonTec offers an entire catalogue of accessories and add-ons for each of their furniture models. Here we see a lengthy list of drawer features in a drop-down bar along with a highlighted outline showing what the selected drawers will look like. Obviously, this configurator offers more to see than a showroom ever could. No furniture supplier could ever hope to showcase so many customizable pieces of office furniture, but with a 3D configurator it’s quite easy to achieve.  


Why It Works

The benefits of a 3D configurator like the one utilized by BostonTec are too many to count but here are just a few. For starters it engages prospective buyers right out of the gate. The moment they reach the website they go from doing preliminary research to building the perfect furniture for their space. When customers have a chance to interact with a brand’s offerings they’re more likely to spend long amounts of time with the brand and therefore develop a relationship. This all happens before they’ve even engaged with a sales person.

Furthermore, the pandemic has changed the way all of us live and work. That’s as true for B2B buyers as it is of anyone else. We’ve been conditioned to expect online experiences that mirror the old brick-and-mortar method of making purchases as closely as possible and rich, highly visual 3D configurators provide just that. In this new digital ecosystem, commercial furniture retailers are going to need to conform to the eCommerce standards set by BostonTec and other tech-forward companies. Otherwise, their prospective buyers will never be more than prospects.

At Threekit, we helped BostonTec develop and build their successful 3D configurator and have done the same for eCommerce brands of every category. With our roots in Hollywood CGI effects, We’re uniquely qualified to help brands create the highest quality visual experiences possible. Our virtual photographers work closely with clients to create the right visual experiences for their specific needs. And we work with some of the leading digital marketing agencies in the world so you can expect to provide your customers with world-class online shopping experiences. If you’re ready to offer the modern online experience customers expect, get in touch with us today for a consultation or demo.