What's the best AR app for eCommerce?

In digital marketing, Augmented Reality (AR) has been all the rage for quite some time now, and for good reason. But what’s the best AR app for eCommerce? There are plenty of variables to take into consideration when rating the AR apps available to digital marketers but before we dive in, let’s take a look at what AR is and why it’s so critical for eCommerce today.


The pandemic has transformed life as we know it in every way, including how the world shops. Highly visual experiences were already fast becoming the expectation for online shoppers and quarantine accelerated that change ten-fold. While we were forced to remain at home, the hunger for shopping only grew and eCommerce retailers responded by upping their digital marketing game. While shoppers could no longer visit their favorite brick-and-mortar retailer to get an in-person look at what was available, retailers began providing higher quality 3D visuals and tools to enable consumers to give an entire brand’s inventory a thorough investigation before making a decision.

Visual product configurators and customization experiences are still in high demand on desktops and mobile devices, but AR provides an even more interactive experience by enabling consumers to envision a specific permutation of a product right in their environment. With so little left to the imagination, AR experiences provide consumers with more confidence than any other marketing tool in history. Brands who take advantage of this leap in digital marketing possibilities are putting themselves ahead of the curve and, naturally, that don’t are likely to be left behind.


So, now that we’ve made clear how critical putting AR to use in your marketing plans is, let’s take a look at the AR apps for eCommerce you have to choose from.


Home decor and remodeling is a prime candidate for AR as it’s literally centered around filling spaces with specific products to fit a design scheme. Houzz is the premier AR app for eCommerce in this space, enabling users to search as homeowners or professionals and even browse potential contractors. The Houzz app also gives members a chance to dream up ideas and save them for future reference making it easy to share with contractors and family. Clearly, Houzz is more than an AR app--it’s an overall experience. While Houzz currently lacks a clear path to purchase, brands looking to incorporate themselves into the everyday lives of homeowners and interior designers can easily do so with a presence on Houzz.


One of the biggest, and newest players in AR for eCommerce is Augment. Their platform is incredibly easy to use and is perfect for sales teams looking to engage with potential clients during calls and at conventions. Users can create AR experiences by simply uploading 3D, or even 2D images. While the visual output is sufficient for hardworking transactions like B2B sales meetings, Augment may not be the right fit for brands looking for photorealistic visuals or the option to scale up to higher quality visuals in the future.


ROAR is another AR app that’s incredibly easy to use. Its software as a Service (SaaS) platform is fully cloud-based to provide access to the platform for every member of the marketing team from the top down. It’s also incredibly fast so those looking to stay nimble will be able to stay light on their feet. As one of the most-used AR apps out there, ROAR is a turnkey solution for brands of all shapes and sizes, however, it may not be ideal for brands looking for a premium quality or customization opportunities.

Shopify AR

Shopify is a top player in the eCommerce world for many reasons--one reason in particular is that they offer a wealth of software and tools for digital retailers. The Shopify AR app for eCommerce is a solid option for entry level or midsize businesses looking to give their customers a look at their products in their environments. Those looking to keep all of their digital marketing tools under one roof without offering customization as an option can benefit by creating AR experiences using the Shopify AR app for eCommerce.


Google is leading the charge in nearly every corner of the digital world, including AR for eCommerce. ARCore is a relatively new platform for developers of all stripes, including those in the world of eCommerce. The jury is still out on how well ARCore will do specifically in the digital marketing space but the ease of use and flexibility shows big promise, especially for new developers working with brands carrying limited inventories.



Threekit has been in the 3D visual space longer than nearly any other platform and they still lead the charge in visual quality for eCommerce. Beyond stunning 3D visuals, the team at Threekit also creates state-of-the-art customization experiences and visual product configurators that can accommodate catalogs of virtually any size or level of complexity. This ability to showcase broad inventories and custom products in AR environments makes Threekit the ideal AR app for eCommerce for brands with variety, or that are planning to scale up in the future.


The Takeaway

As was made clear in the opening, AR apps for eCommerce are a must-have for any brand looking to stay relevant today, and in the near future. Of course, all brands are unique and have their own needs. If your brand carries a complex inventory, is seeking to provide customization experiences, or values scalability in an AR app Threekit is the perfect platform for your specific needs. Our experienced digital photographers have roots in Hollywood CGI effects, meaning they’ve been setting the standard for visual quality since before 3D visuals for eCommerce existed. They also work closely with clients every step of the way to ensure they’re providing the ideal solution, and partner with some of the world’s leading marketing agencies to create modern customization and configuration experiences. Ready to give your brand a truly personalized AR app for eCommerce? Get in touch today for a consultation or demo.