Announcing the Launch of Our Enriched Furniture Solution—and Introducing Our Exclusive ‘Dimensions’ Feature

Today we’re taking another step in our product journey with the launch of our enriched furniture solution, an incredibly comprehensive update to our 3D and AR platform. With it, furniture brands will have one platform for unlimited creation, management and distribution of their product visuals, plus the ability to mix and match to create infinite product options with a single 3D asset. We believe it seals our position as the most comprehensive 3D software solution for furniture brands. 



The highlight of this release is an exclusive feature called ‘Dimensions,’ which will allow our customers to show (and, in turn, their shoppers to view) product dimensions as they are adjusted in real time.  It works in three unique ways:

  1. Auto-detecting and displaying dimensions in any product scene
  2. Showing measurement labels that shoppers import themselves
  3. Measuring the distance between any two points on a product 

Our  team has been working hard to make this a reality for current and future customers, and the results are clear--a great visual experience that will drive online shopper confidence. 

Furniture was one of the first industries where Threekit really made strides. Early 3D configuration customers like Steelcase and Herman Miller were trailblazers in this space, understanding that the ability to customize and show configurable pieces to customers in real-time was not just a clear differentiator, but the direction that the entire industry would eventually move. Since then, we’ve taken 3D even further with Virtual Photographer™, which Crate&Barrel once used to create three million hyper-realistic images in just a month and at a fraction of the cost of traditional photography.

 We’re proud of the work we’ve done with these and so many other customers in the furniture industry. And we continue to innovate based on a simple question: “What would shoppers want?”  With furniture, it’s the ability to change key product features—fabric patterns, finishes and dimensions—while browsing online, and to see those changes reflected instantaneously. It’s wanting to put their own custom piece in their space to see how it looks and fits before pressing “buy.” And it’s an interactive shopping experience that keeps them engaged while making them confident in their purchase.  We look forward to more launches that help exceed these expectations!