How Allen Edmonds Has Instantly Modernized Custom Footwear

Allen Edmonds, a name synonymous with quality in handcrafted footwear, has always prioritized the perfect fit. But how do they translate that promise into a modern, online shopping journey for high-end shoes? To answer that, they recently launched a revolutionary customization experience that sets a new standard in the industry. 

Here is what we love about it: 

The Peerless Visual Fidelity: You can interact with your future shoes in meticulous detail. Zoom in and explore every stitch, texture, and finish in stunning clarity. It just looks great!

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The Guided Selling Experience: Allen Edmonds doesn't leave you alone to wonder how you should create your shoe. Before you begin they walk you through to ensure you understand every tool and feature, so you feel confident and supported throughout the design journey.

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Fit Comes First: We mean this literally. What’s worse than falling in love with an item only to find out that it cannot be made in your size or width? By beginning with fit requirements, AE ensures that what you customize is consistent with what they can produce, and eliminates any chance of disappointment. 

Starts with Size

They Present Leather Options by Priority: Do you envision weather-resistant boots or sleek suede loafers? The platform intelligently presents leather options based on your priorities. Mix calf skins, choose textures, and personalize every detail to match your taste and lifestyle.

Leather Priorities


You Have Clarity at Every Click: Not everyone's a shoemaking expert. Allen Edmonds ingeniously removes the confusion by highlighting the specific element you're customizing with each click. No more wondering what a "welt" is – the interface guides you intuitively, ensuring each personalization reflects your vision.

showing custom


This is more than just customization; it's an interactive journey of self-expression. Allen Edmonds has totally redefined the high-end shoe shopping experience, empowering you to create a pair as unique as you are. 

It’s really something you have to experience for yourself though–check it out here