8 Benefits of Using a Magento 2 Product Configurator

Having to compete against so many brands online is exhausting, right? But this doesn’t have to be the case. Even though the competition is inevitable, you can leverage robust solutions like product customizers for e-commerce to stand out from the crowd. How do you differentiate your store from the competition? Ensure all mission-critical operations work smoothly and cost-effectively. Then, simplify the complexities facing the customer online and deliver the best user experience. You need a Magento 2 product configurator (created with Threekit), to streamline operations and deliver great experiences.


suit online customizer


How a Magento Configurator Works

Product configurators exploit 3D animation, AR, photorealistic images, 360° viewer, and other technologies to help customers to explore and customize products online. Customers can use 360-degree viewer and zoom capabilities to inspect products from all angles. For example, Kashiyama adopted a Magento product configurator that allows customers to design their suits by choosing the fabric to use, single or double-breasted design, lining, buttons, lapel style, and so on.


online suit configurator

Kashiyama’s customizer options (kashiyama1927.com)

Implementing a product configurator in your store will streamline operations and user experience. Advanced configurators can empower your customers and improve their shopping experience. It eliminates product description challenges that can impact the bottom line negatively. A configurator powered by interactive 3D models is all you need to customize offerings and fulfill customers' demand for personalized experiences. 3D product configurations are the future of online shopping. It can streamline operations, reduce costs, empower customers, improve experiences, and many more benefits.


8 Benefits of Using a Magento 2 Configurator

customized offerings can reduce return ratesA Magento product configurator offers a wide range of benefits. It delivers an intuitive experience, exemplary customer service and can streamline workflow for higher sales and profit margins. Customized offerings can reduce return rates and bad reviews, while a seamless online sales process discourages cart abandonment. Here are 8 benefits of using a product customizer on Magento:


1. Increased conversion

The purchase decisions of 83% of consumers are influenced by product visuals. Product customizers for Magento visualize products using high-quality photorealistic images to enhance confidence and the perceived value. Customers are more likely to purchase products if they are confident that they will meet their needs. 3D configurations provide substantial information to enhance customers’ understanding and help them make informed purchase decisions. It also allows the customer to explore and customize the product based on their needs before they purchase, which can increase conversion rates. Customers are emotionally attached to their creations and more likely to buy what they created. They are willing to pay up to 19% more for customized products.


2. Deliver personalized experiences

According to Epsilon research, 80% of customers are more likely to purchase from businesses that offer personalized experiences. Magento product customization can take the customer on an adventure in search of their dream product. If you offer office chairs, the customer can customize simple features like color, finish style, and so on to ensure they enjoy the process.


steelecase chair customizer

Steelcase’s chair customizer (threekit.com)


Giving the customer easy tasks in the design process will ensure they are entertained and able to customize the product seamlessly from start to finish based on their needs. It creates the perception of being part of the design team. This e-commerce capability can deliver better personalized experiences.


3. Catalyze engagement

interactive configuration holds your customers attentionE-commerce is all about visual presentation. Product customizers provide a unique opportunity for you to engage with potential customers. Interactive configurators can entice potential customers to your website and hold their attention long enough for you to convert them into paying customers. The longer they customize products on your website for fun, the higher the chances that they will act on their impulses. A Magento product configurator is engaging by itself, you may not even have to intervene. For example, J. Press’ shirt customizer can entice them to customize a shirt of dreams and entertain them until they complete and place their order.

J. Press’ customizer on Magento can entice, entertain, and convert potential buyers all by itself. Customizers also deliver high-quality 3D images of uniquely customized products, which is important because visual content is 40% more likely to be shared on social media. Images of your products going round and round on social media is a major advantage over the competition. It can increase referrals.


j press shirt customizer

J. Press shirt customizer offers several custom options (jpressonline.com)


4. Enhance customer satisfaction

Magento product configurators enable personalizationDid you know that 32% of customers demand customized offerings? Satisfying modern consumers goes beyond your products. This is why consumers are turning away from mass-produced brands. Magento product configurations give your customers the tools they need to express their personality, lifestyle, and sense of fashion through products. Customers are more satisfied with their own creations. Implementing a Magento product configurator in your store will quench your customers’ thirst for customized offerings once and for all.


5. Stand out from the crowd

The e-commerce sector is crowded and competitive. A product configurator that offers customized experiences can entice potential buyers to bookmark your online store. A bookmark shows their intention to come back and purchase the products they customized. The customization process ensures the customers are emotionally attached to their creation.


By the end of the process, the name of your store will be etched in their mind. It is a big advantage over unknown competitors. 3D configurations can improve SEO ranking, and visibility online. It also communicates your professionalism and customer-centric model. It is the perfect tool to differentiate your store from the rest.


6. Reduce returns

Online stores have higher return rates than physical stores. Why? Physical limitations online make it difficult to describe products to the customer accurately and also impedes an effective inspection of the product. A 3D configurator can visualize your products more accurately than static photos, pre-recorded videos, and other traditional options. The accurate product description is crucial when dealing with big-ticket items like couches. This is why furniture manufacturers like Lovesac implemented a configurator on Magento to help customers choose wisely.



lovesac sactional online configurator


Lovesac couch configurator (lovesac.com)


Lovesac’s configurator has a 360-degree viewer and zoom capabilities to help customers inspect specific features for better understanding. It is less likely that they will be disappointed by their couch and return it.


7. Cut down your costs

Unified visualization platform offers a 3D product customizer, virtual photographer, and AR. A virtual photographer allows you to create high-quality images of your products. Virtual photos are cheaper than traditional photos. You can save up to 90% per photo and also avoid costs related to traditional photography, like hiring professional photographers and post-production edits.


8. Shortens the sales cycle

If you offer complex products on Magento, 3D configurations can shorten the sales for you. A customizer engages with potential customers and answers all their questions before handing them over to your sales reps to close the deal. It cuts down transactional calls back and forth significantly, which reduces workload and allows you to squeeze in more sales per day.

Threekit integrates with the platform to deliver a Magento product configurator that helps improve user experience and conversion rates. It can differentiate your store from the crowd. Please contact us to learn more and schedule some time with one of our experts.