6 Products You Didn’t Know Benefit From Product Configuration

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Product configuration technology is a versatile tool that can benefit virtually every industry. It empowers customers with the ability to serve as the creator and consumer at the same time, customizing precisely what they need. 

Some products seem like a natural fit for this technology. Home furniture such as couches or even novelty t-shirts seem like products that are well-suited to customization. 

But product configuration can apply to countless other product types and industries. You'll likely find tremendous value in adding a 3D product configurator to your online store, no matter what industry your product is in. 

In this post, we'll look at six surprising products you didn't know benefit from product configuration. You’ll see what a versatile and responsive tool 3D product configuration can be for an online business. 

1. Wallets and purses

Wallets and purses are both popular accessories. There are a variety of styles and designs available for them, each one matching the personality of the person purchasing it. 

Both of these accessories serve a functional purpose. From a stylistic standpoint, however, there are a lot of possibilities for anyone who wants to customize them to reflect the individual who carries them. 

Whether it's finding the right color so that it matches the rest of their wardrobe or including some sort of personalized feature to make the piece stand out, wallets and purses offer many opportunities for their holders to customize them. It's all about finding the right method for doing so. 

With 3D product configuration that taps into virtual reality and augmented reality, website visitors can get an inside look at how their wallet or purse will look in the setting they plan to use it in. In addition, they can get a holistic, 360-degree view of the piece as they customize it. 

2. Sporting goods

golf club configurator

Sports can be an intensely personal endeavor. Whether they’re a professional competitor testing their limits or a weekend warrior just trying to stay fit, athletes tend to take their equipment seriously. 

That's why sporting goods often have to be synced to the individual. Golf clubs, tennis rackets and other pieces of equipment need to be fine-tuned so that they're responsive to the grip of the person using them. This is how many athletes can optimize their own performance, leading to greater enjoyment in the sport itself. 

For this, 3D product configuration can play a huge role. Athletes can visit a sporting goods website, toggle through various options and create a piece of equipment perfectly built for their own needs and specifications. 

Of course, product configuration for sporting goods isn't just about optimizing performance. It also gives users the ability to add a bit of personal flair to what they're creating. They can implement unique insignias, colors or other features depending on what they'd like to see. 

3. Fitness equipment

Happy customer receiving customized workout gear from a company with product configuration

Much like sporting goods, fitness equipment is a more effective purchase when the customer is able to get exactly what they want and need. Whether it's free weights, weight machines or any other type of exercise equipment, customization can help fitness enthusiasts select the precise kind of machine they need for their fitness journey. 

This is useful for professional gyms looking to build out their roster of equipment. It's also helpful for individuals who want to create their perfect home gym.

In either scenario, having the ability to configure a product with photorealistic images of the equipment — pre-purchase — is a powerful capability. 

Customizing fitness equipment is useful both for those looking to work out more and people with disabilities. For anyone who needs specialty equipment, it can make a huge difference.

4. Cabinets and other bulky home furnishings

Purchasing a piece of furniture, such as a large cabinet, at a physical furniture store can be a frustrating experience.

What happens if the measurements are off?

What if you get it home and it doesn't quite match the rest of your ensemble?

These are problems that can be avoided if you have a little more agency in the design of your cabinet. 

It may be surprising, but cabinets and other home furnishings are perfect for product configuration. Users can build a custom cabinet as part of an online store. Then they can use augmented reality to see how it will look in their home. 

This helps users avoid having to return the cabinet later. It can also help customers create the perfect complement to their existing decor. 

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5. Industrial equipment


If you work for a company that manufactures industrial equipment (think of tractors, forklifts and other machinery), you may have business cases that necessitate the use of custom production. But many may not realize that product configuration can also apply to industrial equipment. 

Tapping into 3D product configuration can assist manufacturers who want to enable their customers to build equipment with precise specifications. This may help your business reach new customers within a niche subset of a larger industry. 

Rather than just creating custom equipment, manufacturers can also use this as a lead generation tool. They can highlight the types of equipment their site can build directly for their customers. This can entice them to enter their equipment specifications into the site and spend more time on your website.

6. Medical devices

Another area in which product configuration can be helpful is the field of medicine — specifically with the creation of medical devices. Hospitals and other healthcare facilities use countless medical devices to deliver care, and sometimes those devices need different customizations. 

For example, suppose a facility needs devices with different sizing options. It could also mean they want to include hospital-themed branding on the device. 

Whatever the reasoning for creating a custom medical device, 3D product configuration is a tool that can help healthcare organizations build equipment and devices that are right for them. 

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The bottom line is that there is really no limit to the variety of industries and sectors in which 3D product configuration can assist companies with an online presence. 

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Our 3D product configurator will easily align with your current digital interface as a way to make your customers happier and more satisfied. For more on how we can help, contact us today.