5 Ways a Magento Product Configurator Helps Empower Salespeople

Sales rep and customers using a Magento product configurator in a store

Do you want to give your customers an immersive, gratifying, and fun shopping experience? Any eCommerce CEO would say "yes." But if you manage to do all that and throw something unique into the mix, your company could become an industry leader. A Magento product configurator can help you take a giant step toward uniqueness while also: 

  • Cutting costs
  • Improving customer experience
  • Gathering data
  • Boosting your company's profitability

Many traditional brick-and-mortar retailers are scared to embrace eCommerce because they feel it may ostracize their sales representatives. Typically, sales representatives are the lifeblood of many organizations, and ensuring they are happy and properly incentivized to perform is key to success. 

However, it's time to stop operating scared and begin to embrace the digital revolution that can help transform your sales reps into superhuman sellers.

How Magento Product Configurator Can Help Empower Your Sales Reps

It is clear that a considerable percentage of purchases nowadays start with online research. So having a high-quality digital presence via eCommerce can lead to more overall sales. Here are five ways that a Magento product configurator can help empower your sales reps and enhance conversions.

1: Provide In-Depth Product Information

Your eCommerce site is likely the first place your potential clients will look, so it's essential to display appropriate product and company information. Like your customers, your sales teams can also refer to the website for information about any product wherever they are, helping them sell (and upsell) on the go or in the field. 

Besides being convenient and time-saving, accessing accurate site information frees up your sales reps to focus on closing activities requiring their expertise, such as price negotiations.

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2: Increase Conversions

Product customizers for Magento 2 display products using high-quality photorealistic images, enhancing confidence and the perceived value. Consumers and businesses are more likely to purchase products if they feel confident they will meet their needs. 

Typically, 3D configurations provide important information to improve customers' understanding and help them make more informed purchase decisions. A Magento product configurator also helps sales reps explore and customize products based on customer needs, which can increase conversion rates. 

Also, customers become emotionally attached to their own product creations; they will be more likely to purchase what they created. Our plugin can give you the product customization functionality you need with multiple templates to work with.

3: Deliver Personalized Shopping Experiences

Business owner using a Magento product configurator as part of the sales optimization process

Statistics indicate that 80% of customers are more likely to buy from businesses that provide personalized experiences. With Magento 2 product customization, you can take the customer on an adventure as they create their dream product. 

If you offer computers or laptops, for example, the customer can customize various features like color, screen size, keyboard lights, add-ons, and more to ensure they enjoy the process.

Besides, giving the customer simple tasks in the design process ensures they are entertained and able to customize the device seamlessly from onboarding to checkout. It creates the perception that they're part of the design team. 

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4: Catalyze Engagement

eCommerce is all about visual presentation. 3D product customizers provide a unique opportunity for your sales reps to engage with potential customers. 

Interactive product configurators can entice potential clients to your website and grab their attention long enough for your reps to convert them into paying customers. Typically, the longer customers customize products on your site for fun, the higher the chances they will ultimately act on their impulses. 

The Magento product designer is engaging by itself, so you may not even need to intervene. For example, it can entice customers to customize an electronic watch of their dreams and entertain them until they complete the process and place their order. 

A Magento custom product builder can entice, entertain, and convert potential customers all by itself. The customizer also delivers high-quality 3D pictures of unique custom options, which is extremely important since visual content is 40% more likely to be shared across social media channels. 

When images of your products go round and round on social media, you gain a major advantage over your competition. It can increase referrals, too.

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5: Shorten the Sales Cycle

If you sell complex products like custom electronics, you know pricing your products and closing a sale can be time-consuming.

But a Magento product designer can shorten the sales cycle. It helps you engage your customers and answer their queries. In turn, this reduces back-and-forth communication between your sales teams and the customers.

Customers will no longer need to wait for callbacks or quotations but instead get everything in real time. The rapid response to customer needs also lowers their chances of seeking products from your competitors. 

Besides, a shorter sales cycle can help drive revenue and eliminate errors or redundancies in the manual process, both in the back-end and front-end API.

Get Started With a Magento Product Configurator

At Threekit, we understand how important it is for your eCommerce business to thrive in a marketplace of increasing demand for configurable products. Our Magento product configurator is a dynamic tool that eases customization with rich 3D models. This helps you provide your shoppers with an unmatched user experience. 

Moreover, enhanced interactions will lead to higher conversion and a reduction in purchase returns. Our mobile-first approach further eases the shopping experience — buyers can design from anywhere and anytime.

Since your customers can configure their products in real time, there will be no back and forth. Your sales team can focus on complex orders and customers who need attention, streamlining the flow of the sales.

Overall, our product designer offers the flexibility and affordability that your business needs. We also offer expert guidance and support at each stage, from onboarding to maintenance to problem-solving.

Threekit has helped businesses across all verticals grow their online stores with 3D product configurators and product design tools. Customization is at the heart of what we do. Our team is geared up to make your Magento store more enticing. 

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