5 Ways a Shopify Product Customizer Helps You Manage Inventory

Product manager using a Shopify product customizer to help manage inventory

A great eCommerce vendor is only as good as their Shopify inventory. When it comes to tracking, viewing, and adjusting your inventory counts in real time, a Shopify product customizer helps you stay organized. 

We're going to KonMari Shopify store management in this simple guide to sparking joy as an eCommerce vendor. From pricing to tracking custom product orders, running an online store has never been easier. 

Staying on top of your inventory is a fantastic way to make customers feel as if they have access to unlimited products. Learn how to customize your Shopify and streamline the sales to inventory to shipping process while increasing efficiency and reducing operational costs. Read these five ways a Shopify product customizer can help you manage inventory as you start an online store or revamp your existing business.

1. Create a Visual Inventory With a Shopify Product Customizer

If you're scrolling through a catalog of JPG and PNG images to manage your own product inventory, you're doing it wrong. It's time to join the digital revolution of eCommerce and start managing inventory in a more robust, efficient way with 3D product design.

Customized product options are the way of the future. 3D custom product templates provide vendors with a better way to keep track of items. Far superior to the clipart inventory catalogs of bygone days, the visual appeal of a Shopify product customizer features a more organized catalog of goods to sort, stock, backorder, and track.

Customizing inventory selections is key when it comes to feeling in control of your business. It's a known fact that our brains process visual content faster than flat images and text. 

In fact, visuals communicate information 60,000 times faster than text. That means investing in the right visuals for your own products is a valuable asset when it comes to managing the inventory of your online store from the back end.

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2. Streamline Online Store Management Through Shopify

Sync your product page with your store's admin panel for seamless inventory management. A product configurator is the best way to manage multiple orders, custom product inventory, pricing, and more in real time.

Integrating with the same great platform that eCommerce vendors have come to know and trust, a Shopify product customizer can link to the product page and ensure the total quantity of each item is reduced after the purchase process has been completed. Sales, discount codes, and custom product pricing can be auto-calculated into the bottom line. 

Also, sync your Shopify product customizer with all of your favorite social media platforms. Reflecting your current inventory across all social media platforms ensures your customers are always up-to-date, no matter where they shop.

If you offer complex configurations and products with different material options, inventory management is even more important. You can hide unavailable customization options so shoppers don't get frustrated.

3. Create Unlimited Products With Vendor Customization

Want to give your customers the impression of endless product options? Struggling with limited stock during peak busy seasons? Not loving the "out of stock" listings cluttering your online store and turning away frustrated customers?

It may surprise you to learn that out-of-stock orders cause $634.1 billion in annual losses for retailers. This often stems from "phantom inventory." It's inventory that is incorrectly listed as available due to errors in inventory tracking and product page customization.

So utilize the hide options function in your product customizer! Product features aren't the only thing that can be customized when using a Shopify product customizer. Vendors can utilize bulk actions to hide options for out-of-stock products so customers only see what you want them to buy. 

You can do this manually on the collections page of your Shopify admin panel or use an inventory management app to do it for you, such as our handy product configurator.

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4. Enhance Efficiency for Custom Product Designers

Doing more in less time is the name of the game when it comes to being a successful eCommerce entrepreneur. Through enhanced automation, product configurators empower vendors throughout their sourcing, storing, tracking, and shipping tasks. 

Bulk actions allow vendors to catalog inventory items and personalize the functionality of automated commands. With a user-friendly dropdown menu and easy-to-reference 3D product configurator images, the inventory management process can be less stressful and more successful for eCommerce vendors. 

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5. Reduce Inventory Discrepancy for Custom Orders

Business owners exploring the features of a Shopify product customizer

Inaccurate identification of inventory is one of the primary causes behind inventory discrepancy errors. Knowing your own products can be a difficult task as your Shopify store continues to grow. 

Unfortunately, inventory discrepancy errors can cost a business thousands of dollars in lost revenue. Reduce loss by taking control of your inventory. It's especially important for vendors who work with product customization to pay close attention to inventory. 

For example, custom T-shirts are a popular item for many online stores. However, if the inventory pricing is not accurately reflected, the difference between a customized product and a generic product can cost your store a lot of lost revenue in T-shirts. 

Imagine this same error at work with custom orders in furniture, guitars, decor, and more high-priced items. This creates a significant loss for establishing businesses.

Harness the power of a product customizer app to make tracking custom orders effortless. A Shopify product customizer reroutes customers to the custom product designer. 

Once on the design tool page, the final product is entered as a separate inventory item in your records. You can then pull this data to ascertain the revenue brought in from customizable products. You can also compare stock for both basic items and custom orders. 

The business benefits of implementing a Shopify product customizer are as limitless as your inventory options. Get started building your ideal eCommerce environment, and use product configurator tools to make your brand distinct. 

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