5 Perks of SAP Product Configuration During Holiday Shopping Seasons

Shopper managing holiday shopping through an SAP product configuration tool

Many businesses look forward to making more money during the holidays. For online stores, an SAP product configuration tool gives them an edge at this time by allowing seamless management of customizable products. 

This integration gives their customers the flexibility they need to configure products interactively. It can even assist with order management, marketing, and more. Ultimately, online stores can sell more products faster to keep up with the holiday rush.

With that in mind, if you sell configurable products, here are five reasons investing in an integration for SAP product configuration during a hectic holiday may be a good idea.

1: An SAP Configurator Provides Numerous Options for Your Customers

Customers love comparing different options before making a purchase decision. The more you present them with multiple options, the more you make it easier for your shoppers to reach a purchase decision.

This results in more sales. 

SAP variant configuration gives you the flexibility to create and generate material variants during the offer creation of the sales order. For example, if you sell furniture, you will be able to present your furniture in different materials or with stylish add-ons, giving your customers more options without overwhelming them.

Make your SAP product configuration engine even stronger with CPQ features so the pricing for each configuration is seamless and transparent. You and your customers will be on the same page at every step of the customization. 

This is crucial as it helps eliminate hidden fees that often leave customers unhappy. You can manage all the price conditions in real time with an SAP product configurator which further speeds up transactions.

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2: SAP Configuration Provides a Convenient and Engaging User Interface for Your Customers

SAP product configuration ensures your customers have a way to interact with your customizable products one-on-one. They can interactively configure a product before adding it to the cart and proceeding to checkout.

This functionality eliminates the need for back and forth between your team and customers at a time when you are looking to make more sales.

To speed up the sales configuration process, SAP runtime engines that are compatible with the SAP Internet Pricing and Configurations (IPC) can ensure your customers only enter the valid information for complex products. Also, you can configure it in a way that allows customers only to request relevant information. 

That means you will not waste a lot of time on unnecessary information.

Moreover, if your customers start and don't complete any configuration, all changes made are saved on a configuration page. They can retrieve them later (especially if you send a follow-up email) and proceed with the modification. 

This is a good thing, as it ensures your customers don't have to start from scratch. Considering great customer experience is a major factor today, SAP configuration is worth implementation. A whopping 86% of shoppers are more likely to make a purchase if you provide a great customer experience.

3: SAP Configuration Features Prevents Duplicate Creation

The last thing you want during a busy holiday is to deal with duplicates in your back office. It can be challenging to find a customer who will purchase a product customized by another purchaser. 

So if you're not careful, you might end up with lots of dead stock. That is why an SAP product configurator is worth having on your online store.

The SAP configuration works on the principle "model once, configure everywhere." That means once a customer does any configuration on the front-end of your website, the same user configuration syncs elsewhere, including the SAP CRM and SAP ERP

Choosing a tool that integrates with your other eCommerce tools and platforms is essential for creating a great customer experience. It prevents duplicates, errors, and delays.

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4: You Can Easily Manage Returned Configurable Products

As you focus on making more sales during the holidays, you may not have enough time to handle returned configurable products. 

Understandably, you want to attain your end-year goals, but you also need to focus on returned products. Keep in mind: returns can break or make your business depending on how you handle them. So you want to have them managed well. 

If you sell boxed products that can be resold, simply update your product catalog to encourage buyers to purchase pre-configured goods. Alternatively, if you commonly sell repeat products with the same array of personalized options, you can easily track your inventory and fulfill orders with existing stock.

5: Shorter Quote-to-Order Cycle Times

Business owner using an SAP product configuration plugin to manage holiday orders

Configuring complex products the old-school way is time-consuming. Often, that involves receiving customer's configurations, reviewing them, making the necessary tweaks, and sending them back to the customer for approval. 

The customer may also request fresh changes, and the cycle continues until you are on the same page.

The more back and forth cycles between your team and customers, the longer it takes to make sales. With SAP product configuration, you can be sure to reduce the number of cycles. This is because most product models' configurations will happen in real time, making it faster to offer your customer what they need. 

For more information on how our SAP product configuration tool reduces quote-to-order cycle times, click here.

Get the Most From Threekit's SAP Configuration Tools

Putting your shoppers first and in control when selling complex products is one way of increasing their chances of making purchases. Offering them the best shopping experience can go a long way in ensuring you attain your holiday goals.

Threekit's SAP configurator helps you build a better product experience for your customers. Our platform incorporates augmented reality, 3D, and virtual photography. That means you will be able to offer your shoppers a more immersive experience. 

Also, with our solution, you can build a headless solution that helps you better manage your store's SAP back end and front end. Essentially, our platform is designed for eCommerce shops looking to increase sales efficiency. It also integrates well with almost all eCommerce platforms. 

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