4 Ways to Boost Sales With a WooCommerce Product Configurator

Customer receiving the product she designed in a WooCommerce product configurator

If you have a WooCommerce store set up, you no doubt have a solid grasp on what a convenient tool it is for online sales. But by optimizing the tool with additional add-ons — such as a WooCommerce product configurator — you can add more value to your customers' online experience and win more sales. 

A WooCommerce product configurator can do many things to help improve your business. It makes things much easier for both you and the customer as you enable them to design and view custom-made products directly through your website. 

WooCommerce is a simple solution for online stores: it's a WordPress plugin many eCommerce operators use for online sales via their eCommerce website. A WooCommerce product configurator is a tool you can use in conjunction with WooCommerce if you sell customizable products. 

But how does this tool translate to more sales? Your ultimate goal is to get prospects from the interest stage to the action stage. A WooCommerce product configurator can help transition more leads into satisfied customers.

Read on to discover four ways to boost sales by using a WooCommerce product configurator. 

1: Show Customers How Their Customizable Products Will Look in Their Own Chosen Locations

Our WooCommerce product configurator uses technology like virtual photography and a 360-degree product viewer. With these elements, it can produce instantaneous visuals of the customized product the customer is creating through your site. 

It also uses augmented reality. This enables your user to view their customized product in the setting they plan to use it in. 

Let's say you manufacture customized office furniture. Your customers are going to want to see how it will look in their actual office. Using AR through the WooCommerce product configurator, they can do that while toggling through customization options for the product. 

With a WooCommerce product configurator, you empower your customers to envision the product they're building. This visualization will almost complete the sale for you!

When customers can actually see what the product will look like in their preferred setting, it creates a powerful connection between them and your product. As they continue to customize their potential purchase, they'll grow more and more attached to it.

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2: Provide Customers With an In-Depth Preview of the Product

Your customers want to know they can trust what they're buying. The only way they can do that without experiencing regret over the purchase is by getting a true representation of the product before they decide to buy. 

The WooCommerce product configurator helps them do that. With a 360-degree product viewer, they get a much clearer look at the product than they would with simple 2D images. 

Your customers want detail and precision when they're in the midst of the buying process. High-quality 3D photos produced by the WooCommerce product configurator give them more detail than your competitors will. 

This kind of transparency leads to trust, which will make customers more inclined to buy from you. 

The functionality of the 360-degree product viewer does more than giving them a good picture of the product. It also makes them much more likely to close a sale, as well. 

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3: Give Shoppers Plenty of Options

A WooCommerce product configurator leaves your customer with a seemingly endless array of possibilities when it comes to creating variable products. Depending on the number of customizable features you offer, you present them with configurable products they can have fun building. 

These features can include:

  • Materials
  • Colors and textures
  • Additional features and accessories that match the core product
  • Style variations
  • Custom inputs, including text and graphics

This kind of customization, with limitless product variations made possible by a product builder, can be possible using a WooCommerce plugin. 

When customers learn they can tailor the product they buy from you to their exact specifications, they know they're going to get exactly what they need. This can help lead to more sales. 

Many of your competitors won't have a tool as flexible as a WooCommerce product configurator. They'll offer more static options that can't be adapted based on the customer's needs.

This gives you a clear advantage.

Your WooCommerce product customizer will turn a simple product into something that promises enhanced compatibility with your customer's expectations. 

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4: Highlight the Configurator’s Capabilities in Your Marketing Materials

Couple browsing through options in an online store with a WooCommerce product configurator

You have social media channels, a website, and an advertising presence. You also have a tool of great convenience. It gives your customer the ability to become a product designer and take the driver's seat when building their perfect product. 

So why not signal boost this to everyone online (or, at the very least, to your target audience)? 

You can use your marketing materials to highlight a WooCommerce product configurator as a feature of doing business with you. The benefit to the customers is that they'll get exactly what they want without having to compromise. 

Your WooCommerce product configurator should be at the forefront of your marketing communications strategy. It helps ensure an easy, comprehensive shopping experience for your customers from design to checkout. So why not let them know about it? 

You can even get creative in how you promote it:

  • Create a video tutorial showing website visitors how it works. 
  • Develop a user testimonial by interviewing a satisfied customer about how effective it was at solving their problem. 
  • Post product images of the final results, with pricing included, to direct users to your product page. 

These materials will show just how efficient your WooCommerce product configurator is at product configuration and how easy it is for your audience to use it. 

You'll want to have your ability to provide a custom product front and center in your marketing presence, emphasizing the WooCommerce product configurator's role in that process. It will intrigue more customers and also lead to more of them buying from you. 

Our 3D product configurator enables customers to have 360-degree visualization of their customized product in your WooCommerce store. Contact us to schedule a consultation with our WooCommerce product configurator team.