3D Product Visualization and AR for Life Sciences and Medical Devices

When it comes to medicine — when it comes to saving lives — precision is vital. Knowing exactly what needs to happen and how it should happen makes the difference between patients lost and lives won. When it comes to purchasing medical equipment, knowing the cellular details about the product are necessary. Unfortunately, there are so many medical equipment providers that are not making use of modern technologies to present their equipment in an informative and highly detailed way.


3D Product Visualization of Complex Products

The truth is that medical equipment is complicated. Designers often have to model hundreds of molded parts and exceptionally complex components. A 2D picture, though worth a thousand words, doesn’t tell the whole story. Through Threekit’s 3D Product Configurator, your medical equipment can be displayed in high detail, where each component and part is able to be fully customized by your customer’s procurement teams according to your product offerings. Whether your company makes patient beds, ventilators, or imaging devices, empowering your customers with clear information about how your product looks and functions is a powerful tool for your sales team.

Place yourself in the scrubs of your customers for a moment. What do the professionals that you care for want to know about your product before buying? Did marketing just so happen to take the perfect photo of the detail your customer wants to know more about?


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With 3D product visualization for medical devices and life sciences, your customers can know the full length, width, and depth of your equipment. They can zoom in and out on acute details and easily spin, tilt, and pan around your equipment. Before they purchase a large order to fill their outpatient office or hospital, 3D product visualization can provide real-time product customization and stand-alone quote and pricing generation. This can give your customers the ability to place your products under the microscope and select which configuration and offerings best suits their needs. Helping your customers to make an informed decision about which equipment to purchase not only raises their satisfaction levels, but also helps the patients that they serve. Additionally, offering real time pricing generation while customers are configuring their purchase can help set the right expectations about delivery time and pricing before your sales team continues to engage with the lead.


3D Product Visualization and AR for Life Sciences and Medical Devices


3D configurators not only help to communicate information about your product in high detail but also establish the customer’s expectations early on so that they know how a product functions, what the respective sizes of each component are and how the shape, color, material, and finish of the product change with each adjustment in configuration. Customer dissatisfaction can be a malignant cost for medical equipment providers. Communicating the complex details about your product during the discovery phase can help you not only to ensure high satisfaction levels with your customers but also keep a steady pulse in your sales.


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The Benefits of 3D Product Visualization When Selling Remotely

Since the global CoVid-19 pandemic, sales teams are having to learn new ways to present the value of their products to potential customers remotely. For medical equipment companies that rely heavily on in-person demonstrations, 3D product visualizations can give the next-best-thing to an in-person demo, especially when paired with Threekit’s AR.

The reality is, though, that the sales process is more than just the demo. In fact, buyers prefer self-guided digital research before even talking to sales in the first place. Customers, especially when purchasing on behalf of an institution, want to be self-informed, not sold to. For many sales teams, empowering leads with the ability to educate themselves about your product often comes in the form of a content marketing strategy. With 3D product visualization, existing articles can be accompanied with the visualizer so that even while being self guided, the value propositions are still present when the customer is viewing your product.

Medical equipment buying decisions are all about being informed. Medical offices won’t purchase equipment unless they know it’s the right choice for their office and their patients. With AR, decision makers can see what your medical equipment will look like and how it will exist within their space. Whether you’re selling an MRI or a scalpel, 3D Product Visualization with AR is the most engaging way to present your product to remote buyers.

Not only does remote visualization help your team to make a meaningful demonstration to your leads in a post CoVid-19 marketplace, but it also helps your teams to make contact with offices that might be inaccessible for in-person demonstrations. Additionally, potential buyers can use 3D product visualizations for their own independent research after your discovery meeting so that they can take their time to critically think about their investment. This can save an unbelievable amount of time for your sales team while keeping your team’s vitals where they should be.

In today’s competitive market, showing attention and care to leads is unequivocally important for establishing a long term relationship with your customers. Using Threekit’s 3D Product Configurator to personally customize the product to fit their unique needs is a moment in the sales process that can show how your team truly values its customers, the needs of their respective teams, and their patients.


Give your customers your best

Doctors are busy people. After a long day of bandaging wounds and giving healthy advice, your customers don’t want to take time away from their patients to go through product demonstrations. With 3D Product Visualization, your customers can independently research your equipment in a self-guided way. In-person product demonstrations not only take valuable time away from your sales team, but they also take time away from the day-to-day activities of your customers.

Threekit offers integrations for Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, and many other eCommerce platforms to make presenting your product catalog in 3D a simple process that’s guaranteed to bring in big returns on your investment. Your equipment designers can even use your existing 3D models from Fusion or SolidWorks to expedite adding 3D models to your online catalog.


Medical Device Marketing & 3D visualization

Offering 3D models of your inventory is a visually interesting and informative way to demonstrate your equipment remotely. When you pair your 3D models with AR, your customers can be fully immersed in the user experience of your product. Seeing products in augmented reality can add an incredible amount of value to your sales process. Giving your customers the ability to see your equipment in their office can help your customers to have confidence in the quality and usability of your equipment. You already know how your equipment can enrich your customer’s businesses. With 3D Product Configuration and AR, the value of your medical equipment can be clearly seen in high definition.