5 Reasons Shopify 3D Product Configurators Are a Must-Have

Your customers need to see an accurate representation of what they are ordering to be sure they are getting exactly what they want, which can be challenging for eCommerce shop owners. Fortunately, adding 3D images that automatically adjust to your customers' specifications is relatively simple. This efficient and cost-effective feature is easy to implement, makes more customers happy with their purchase, and establishes your eCommerce shop as a reliable option the next time they are in the market to make a similar purchase.


What Is 3D Product Configuration?

3D product configuration shows eCommerce customers real-time digital representations of what custom products will look like. This option allows eCommerce shop owners to offer a wide variety of options, such as colors, sizes, materials, monograms, and other custom variations of your base products, without having to create each physical product to take traditional pictures of.

83 percent of customers surveyed ranked quality images as the most factor in their purchase decisions, while 60 percent indicated that they wanted to see 3D renditions of products to help them make purchase decisions. Although no image is as effective as physically seeing a product in a store, quality 3D images that incorporate custom options are the next best thing.  


Benefits of Offering 3D Product Configuration to Your Customers

Offering real-time 3D images can both assist your customers and boost your Shopify sales by up to 250 percent. Here are five of the most significant benefits of adding 3D product configuration to your Shopify store! 


Boost Customer Satisfaction

As an eCommerce shop owner, making sure each of your customers loves his or her custom order should be just as important as making a profit. Although most shoppers appreciate having a wide variety of options to choose from and may even specifically choose your shop over a similar one for that reason, offering dozens or even hundreds of possible configurations creates more opportunities for something to go wrong throughout the design process or not look quite how your buyer thinks it will.

Investing in a 3D product configurator that creates fast, high-quality digital images shows your customers that you care about representing your products accurately and making sure they know exactly what they are getting, which increases the odds that they will become repeat customers. 


Decrease Returns

Returned products never benefit your company, especially when they are custom items that you may not be able to resell. Between the cost and inconvenience of restocking and sometimes losing the full cost of manufacturing a custom product, returns are not your eCommerce shop's friend.

Unfortunately, shopping online is naturally more challenging for your customers than shopping in stores because not being able to see, feel, and test products mean that customers always have their concept of what a finished product will be like to some extent. Utilizing a 3D product configurator increases your ability to convey what custom products will look like to help your customers make sure they get what they need the first time. 


Lower Storage Costs

Storing every possible variation of your products can require significant storage space. Certain configurations will always be more popular than others, and some may never be purchased at all if you were to pre-make every product variation you could potentially sell.

Instead, making orders only after they are purchased allows you to eliminate the vast majority of the warehouse or other storage space you need to maintain and spend money on. By investing in a quality 3D product configurator that can provide real-time representations of each potential combination, your customers can see what several variations of your product look like without needing to physically store all of them.

By taking advantage of this strategy, you can choose a much smaller space for handling orders if you need one at all, and the money you save can be used to improve other areas of your business. 


Shorten Sales Cycle


Having the opportunity to independently experiment with a variety of product configurations can shorten the sales cycle by minimizing the need for your customers to ask certain types of questions. Testing different options allow customers the opportunity to learn more about your product while deciding exactly what they want, which can help them move from first hearing about your product to considering whether it will meet their needs to making a purchase decision more quickly. 


Use Customer Behavior Data to Improve Your Business

configuration data and customer data

Your 3D product configurator can provide valuable data about how your customers are using your site that can be used to identify what options are most popular and any problems they might be experiencing while experimenting with options and making decisions. Information about how many configurations customers look at, which options are most or least popular, and how long they spend trying different choices before ultimately making a purchase decision can be used to help eCommerce shop owners develop new products and make website improvements to boost customers' overall shopping experience.


Options for Adding 3D Product Configuration to Your Shopify Store

Although you have multiple options for adding 3D product configuration to your Shopify store, some tend to work better than others. 


Hire a 3D Designer 

Hiring an independent 3D designer is one option for adding 3D product configuration to your Shopify store, but it can be expensive and time-consuming. With this method, the designer will individually create each image you would like to use. While this can work for certain small businesses that only sell a few different products with limited configuration options, it is not a very efficient option for most companies.  


Choose Threekit's 3D Product Configurator

Using a software program to automate your digital images, such as Threekit's 3D Product Configurator, is a more user-friendly and cost-effective option for most businesses. Our experts have worked with well-known furniture, travel, fitness, and other companies across a variety of industries, and our program can easily handle all the colors, patterns, and other personalization options your eCommerce shop has to offer. Rather than creating each digital image separately, this program digitally adjusts a few master files that we create for each product in real-time with the color, material, and other customization samples you provide.

At Threekit, we prioritize helping eCommerce shop owners provide the most detailed product information possible to their customers without wasting time or money. Contact us today to learn more about adding our 3D Product Configurator to your Shopify store or to schedule a demo!