3D Product Configurator in Window Manufacturing

The 3D product configurator from Threekit can greatly enhance window manufacturers' revenue by offering a cutting-edge solution for product visualization, customization, and integration.

Key Takeaways

  • The 3D product configurator increases customer purchasing confidence by enabling accurate and detailed visualization of your product.
  • Product customization creates a sense of ownership for the consumer, increasing the likelihood of conversions.
  • Enhance business efficiency and reduce operational costs with automated order processing, manufacturing outputs, a robust asset management library and unique customer data.

Enhancing the Customer Experience

Threekit's 3D product configurator enhances consumer engagement for manufacturers who otherwise must rely on third-party retailers to sell their product. It does this by offering customers a direct, digital way to personalize windows to meet their unique needs. From changing sash color to pane size and thickness and more, customers see their custom-designed product in real-time.

With a high-quality visual representation of their choices, including interactive elements such as 360° rotational viewing options and zooming in for granular details, customer confidence in buying decisions is increased. This is especially important for windows, which are a vital and expensive component of any building. 

By offering a better-than-in-store shopping experience, conversion rates increase and customers feel a sense of brand loyalty. Increased customer satisfaction also means fewer product returns due to expectation mismatches, saving you cost and waste. Additionally, studies indicate that digital shoppers are willing to pay up to 20% more for a product they can customize—increasing your bottom line while providing higher rates of customer satisfaction.


Configurable Augmented Reality

For a truly personalized shopping experience, utilize the product configurator's augment reality (AR) feature and allow consumers to visualize in real-time how your windows look in their home.

This digital experience is pivotal in creating immersive experiences that drive consumer engagement and increase conversion rates by aligning expectations. AR boosts a sense of ownership of the product and enhances brand loyalty, as even a stock item feels uniquely theirs. 

Increasing Business Efficiency

Virtual Photographer

Threekit's Virtual Photographer feature transforms 3D models into stunning, photorealistic images. This innovative approach not only enhances the visual appeal but also streamlines the content creation process.

With it, you can rapidly generate a multitude of high-quality images, catering to the consumer's expectation of seeing multiple angles and variations. This capability is especially crucial given that 83% of shoppers cite product imagery as the most influential factor in their online purchase decisions.

This feature is scalable to produce vast image libraries, which ensures consistency in image quality and visual branding. It also reduces the time and costs associated with traditional photography.

Furthermore, it enables the presentation of windows in various lifestyle settings, so the customer doesn't just see a rectangle of glass but how is enables different building aesthetics. This is produced with a few mouse clicks, rather than manually generated by a 3D artist, saving you more time and cost and ensuring consistency between a single product's visual assets.


Automatic Order Processing and Manufacturing Outputs

An additional benefit of Threekit's advanced visualization solution is automatic order processing. This feature streamlines the transition from customization to production. Once a shopper finalizes their product configuration and initiates a purchase, the system promptly generates an order with the precise specifications.

This seamless automation enhances efficiency and minimizes the potential for human error. It reduces order fulfillment time, which adds to customer satisfaction, and reduces the business cost of human resources manually entering data.

It also produces as a bill-of-materials and CAD files automatically, streamlining the company's operational flow. By leveraging Threekit's 3d product configurator, you can significantly reduce the design cycle time, as seen by this door manufacturer who saw a 70% reduction in design time with the aid of a configurator.

The table below illustrates the potential time savings in design hours, inspired by a case study from TrueCADD:

Process Step Traditional Hours Configurator Hours Time Saved
Initial Design 100 30 70%
Revisions 50 15 70%
Final Output 20 6 70%

Threekit 3D product configurator example of a customized front entry doors

3D Asset Management

By storing product data as individual models, materials, and textures, you can enable wide-scale repurposing of 3D assets across various platforms and applications. This approach not only streamlines the production process but also ensures consistency in the visual representation of products.

A centralized storage system for easy access and organization also enables simplified updates to product lines and variations when a material is out of stock or a new configuration is added to your product catalog. Operational efficiency is further increased through enabling better collaboration between sales and marketing teams with this robust library of assets.

Automated Customer Feedback

With the 3D product configurator and Threekit's CPQ software solution, which integrate seamlessly with existing PIM, DAM, ERM and ecommerce platforms, you can utilize analytics programs to track and measure customer engagement with specific product configurations.

With the ability to quantify the needs of your specific consumer base, you can make data-driven production decisions that speed time-to-market and save cost. This information makes you more agile in shifting to accommodate supply shortages and shipping delays. It also allows you to create targeted marketing campaigns that are more likely to increase revenue generation.

Worldwide, 24/7 Support

Threekit offers global support, every moment of the day and night, helping you address issues, train staff and maximize the capabilities of the 3d product configurator.

With industry-leading CPQ technology and developers who worked on visually stunning films such as Iron Man and Harry Potter, Threekit's award-winning visualization solution can bring notable ROI to your window manufacturing business. It's produced tangible positive results for makers like Ulrich, Oak Beams & Frames Direct and ThermaTru Doors.

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