Using a 3D Configurator for Work Stations

3D product configurators allow shoppers to customize and visualize work stations in a realistic 3D environment, providing a personalized and highly engaging shopping experience. Leading companies like Threekit also include tools to manage your catalog easily and save time and money. Read on to learn more.

Key Takeaways

  • 3D configurators enable the customer to prioritize their specific needs, from storage to ergonomics to accessibility, and show changes in real-time.
  • High-resolution images with interactive elements, such as zoom, explode and rotate, increase customer confidence in purchases by fully aligning expectations.
  • Seamless integration with ecommerce and business software create asset management efficiency and streamline the sales process.

Customization for a Competitive Edge

User-Friendly Configuration in Real Time

With modular, business-critical and high-value items like work stations, offering customizability that meets the user's specific needs is critical.

Not only does shopper-driven work station configurability increase the likelihood of online sales, it can significantly boost average order size through upselling and cross-selling opportunities. In fact, customers are willing to pay up to 20% more for items they can make unique to their own needs.

3D configurators allow users to create and interact with their workspace, adjusting components such as desk height, monitor arms and storage solutions to their preference.

This interactive experience not only ensures individual ergonomic comfort but also fosters a sense of ownership and satisfaction.

The configurator's intuitive interface simplifies the selection process, reducing the time and effort typically associated with workstation customization.

Moreover, the integration of a 3D configurator into a business' ecommerce platform streamlines the purchasing journey. From initial design to final checkout, the entire process is cohesive and user-friendly.

This integration not only benefits the customer but also the manufacturer, as it leads to more accurate orders and higher customer satisfaction.

This elevated shopper experience gives work station businesses a competitive edge and key differentiation in the market. And with the included asset management features and codeless rules engine, the platform is highly scalable and easy to manage.

Man working at a standing desk he bought through a 3D customizer

Quality Visuals that Increase Product Understanding

Within the 3D configurator, shoppers can interact with their work station as they customize it—zooming in to see granular details, rotating it to better understand the shape and footprint and "exploding" it to see what elements are part of the build.

This increases consumer engagement and also imparts a wealth of product information to the shopper.

Studies show that humans retain about 10% of data we read, but 60% of data we see presented in visualization.

For example, an accurate and detailed 3D product render shows the desk texture, which gives the customer an innate understanding of how it will feel to rest their forearms on its surface, whether they'll need to place a coaster under the glass of water they keep besides their mouse and how difficult it may be to grip if they need to scoot it over.  

With the Threekit 3D configurator, high resolution product images can be easily created from just a few reference photos. All angles are then created and stored in a robust asset management library.

This library also stores common work station textures, such as wood grain and metal, enabling scalability and ease of swapping materials to meet market changes and customer demand.

Row of virtually photographed Verus office chairs

And with that 3D render, the Virtual Photographer feature can generate thousands of engaging 2D visualizations to inspire and draw in consumers. Not only does this save time and money by eliminating the need for photoshoots, it ensures brand consistency across all customer touchpoints.

Virtual photography streamlines the content creation process, allowing for rapid deployment across various platforms.

With digital customers demanding at least five product images per item, this tool helps cement a business as a trusted provider of quality work stations.

desk 360 degree spin

Agility of Tool Management

Threekit integrates with a variety of ecommerce platforms and business tools, including PIM, DAM, ERP, CPQ and more. The agility minimizes business disruptions during installation and maximizes all of the features of a business' operational software.

It's fully scalable, including an asset management library that enables storage of background scenes, models, materials and images as separate items that can be combined in a virtually limitless number of creations, allowing the flexibility to adapt to market changes with a few clicks.

To ensure absolute accuracy, orders are automatically generated and sent to manufacturing along with a bill-of-materials, CAD files, cut patterns and assembly instructions. Configuration and product details are stored together, enabling better product support and faster time-to-market.

Additionally, the codeless rules engine makes it intuitive for all users, though developers can customize the API as desired.

Bostontec workstation customizer-gif

With Threekit's 3D configurator, businesses can increase customer satisfaction, overall revenue, operational efficiency and brand loyalty—creating a true competitive edge in the growing work station market.

A cutting-edge visual engine, robust CPQ software, inclusive developer community and 24/7 global support makes the platform is a true business partner. Contact us to learn more.