3D Configurator for Uniform Customization

The 3D configurator enables customers to create personalized uniforms that meet the needs of their industry and brand, and to see their unique creation in real-time prior to ordering. This solution empowers clients, boosts sales and integrates smoothly with ecommerce platforms. 

Key Takeaways

  • The 3D configurator enables endless customization ability at no additional cost or effort to the business.
  • The 3D asset management feature enables storing product data as individual models, materials and textures for wide-scale repurposing.
  • Image creation tools like Virtual Photographer enhance the visual appeal of uniforms and boost user buying confidence.
  • Automated manufacturing outputs generate bill-of-materials, assembly instructions, CAD files, cut patterns and more, for an efficient production processes.
  • Seamless integration with popular ecommerce platforms such as Salesforce, BigCommerce, commercetools, Magento, Salesforce and Shopify ensures a smooth online shopping experience.


Advanced Customization Tools that Boost User Satisfaction

Threekit's 3D configurator combines an advanced visual engine with a robust customization tool, for a highly engaging and user-friendly digital shopping experience.

Studies show that 83% of shoppers rank product imagery as the top factor when making a purchase decision, and they're willing to pay up to 20% more for an item that's customizable. By offering a better-than-in-store shopping experience, customers spend more time on your site, increasing engagement, likelihood of conversion and brand loyalty. 

With a high-quality visual representation of their choices, including interactive elements such as 360° rotation and zoom in, customer confidence in buying decisions is increased. They gain a better understanding of fit and feel, reducing the chances of product return due to mismatch of expectations.

For example, J. Press saw considerable ROI when using Threekit's 3D configurator:


With the included 3D asset management tool, materials, textures, colors and construction elements can easily be repurposed to different products and in different configurations.

This enables the customer to design a unique uniform that meets the needs of their group, without requiring the research and design workflow normally required for a new product.

Virtual Photographer

The Virtual Photographer tool revolutionizes the way businesses showcase their uniform designs, offering a scalable solution to product photography.

By transforming 3D models into photorealistic images, this tool enables the creation of a vast array of product visuals without the need for physical prototypes. Showcasing more than 8 images per product page, it significantly enhances the online shopping experience, meeting the high expectations of today's digital shoppers.

The integration of Virtual Photographer with ecommerce platforms ensures a seamless workflow from 3D modeling to online display.


Operational Benefits that Ensure Efficiency

Automatic Order Processing

Once a customer finalizes their unique uniform design, the system automatically generates a detailed order with precise specifications.

In addition to ensuring that the specifications of the configured uniform are accurately captured, this process reduces manual entry errors and speeds up the order fulfillment process. Embracing this technology not only optimizes the workflow but also significantly raises customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

By integrating automatic order processing, businesses can expect a seamless flow from customer imagination to tangible product.


Manufacturing Outputs

The 3D configurator automatically generates a comprehensive bill-of-materials, detailed assembly instructions, cut patterns, CAD files and instructions, sending it to the manufacturer. This seamless transition from design to production not only streamlines post-order workflows, but also minimizes errors.

Automated Marketing Data

A combination of the 3D product configurator and Threekit's CPQ solution enables you to track and measure customer engagement with specific product configurations.

With the ability to quantify the needs of your consumer base, you can make data-driven production decisions that speed time-to-market and save cost. This information makes you more agile in shifting to accommodate supply shortages and shipping delays, as well as create targeted marketing campaigns that are more likely to increase revenue generation.

Seamless Integration with Existing Tools

Coupling your 3D configurator with existing business systems allows users to send and retrieve product information data quickly and conveniently. This can be done manually or automatically in real-time, through a product configurator API.

Easy integration with ERM, DAM, PIM, pricing tools and the most popular ecommerce platforms, you can create a system that makes it easier for your employees to use technical product specifications and other PDM systems.


Join the ranks of satisfied clients like Crate & Barrel and harness the power of Threekit's innovative 3D configurator. Visit our website and explore the endless possibilities.