3D Configurator for Sofas and Sectionals

In the world of furniture and interior design, offering customizable options to customers is key to standing out in the market and increasing customer satisfaction. A 3D configurator for sectionals provides a unique and interactive experience for shoppers, allowing them to personalize their furniture choices.

Key Takeaways

  • Threekit’s immersive visual experiences are powered by a platform with a robust rules engine that ensures products are always configured correctly.
  • Interactive product customization increases conversions by up to 42%, catering to modern consumers' desire to have unique products, explore features before committing to purchase and encourage less environmental waste.
  • The 3D configurator integrates easily with existing business management software and tools, including ecommerce, for minimal disruption to business operations.

Advanced Product Customization

A 3D configurator increases sectional sales by offering a better-than-in-store experience for customers, leveraging the power of user choice and interactive visualization to engage and inspire.

Engaging Experiences

When shopping for furniture online, customers want to be able to see how a product looks and will fit into their space, before buying it.

By using a 3D configurator, they can customize sofa options, including colors, materials, sizes and shapes, based on their individual preferences. This ability encourages a sense of ownership over the personalized sectional.

Their selections are shown in real-time via advanced 3D renders, which allow the customer to inspect every angle and granular detail of the sofa, as desired. Additional interactive features include "explosions" which show the product inside out, pull apart to see each component, and animations which can clarify different sectional configurations.

Studies show that engaging online product experiences can increase conversions by 42%, in addition to increasing brand loyalty.

sofa configurator

Comprehensive eCommerce Functions

The modern digital shopper expects ecommerce sites to support wishlist, save cart and social sharing options, especially for big-ticket purchases. Threekit enables all of these and more. Features include:

  • Instantly translate random SKUs to ones your employees can identify by name or number.
  • Reduce cart abandonment by letting users restore a saved configured item and modify it further.
  • Set rules to trigger automated emails when a shopper abandons a cart.
  • Show price changes in real-time as a customer selects different configuration options.
  • Create multiple price books in different currencies to price accurately across the globe.
  • Combine multiple SKUs into a single configuration to increase average order size.
  • Allow users to add configured items to a wishlist and save notes, SKU and pricing with item so that they can resume configurations from the wishlist.
  • Enable text and social sharing of a configured item.
  • Capture and download an image of the configuration.

Not only do these experience ease the checkout experience, reducing any bars to purchase or customer digital frustrations, they empower customer support teams to offer assistance as needed by recording the exact specs of the sectional at time of purchase.

Stunning Visuals

A 3D configurator allows for features such as augmented reality (AR), where the consumer can place a to-scale image of their customized couch in their own living room, getting an accurate sense of how it will fit and look in their space. 

This try-before-you-buy capability further encourages conversions and reduces the likelihood of product return due to customer expectation mismatch. Additionally, consumer trust in the brand is increased with seamless digital experiences such as web-based AR functions. 

In fact, 66% of online shoppers report that AR visuals increase their confidence in their buying decisions, making it a critical tool for ecommerce success.


Product Management from a Composable Platform

Threekit’s platform is built to plug directly into your current stack to take advantage of your tech investments. Once installed, you’ll be able to use its product asset management system and universal materials library, as well as syndicate your experiences to any channel. 

Automatic Order Processing and Manufacturing Outputs

Post-purchase workflows increase efficiency and reduce human error by automatically generating the product order to precise specifications, as soon as the customer completes the purchase.

The integration of automatic order processing is a game-changer, ensuring that every detail of the customer's design is captured accurately and communicated to the production team without delay.


Additionally, a bill of materials, CAD files, cut order and assembly instructions are automatically sent to production, saving time in order fulfillment and reducing waste. This further increases customer satisfaction and reduces human error.

You can also add a "Request a Quote" function, which generates all these outputs and sends them to the sales team, rather than manufacturing. For B2B sofa companies without an ecommerce store, this supports and hastens the time between consumer interest and generating a sales quote, which increases the chances of conversion.

10. Digital Asset Management

3D Asset Management

A robust asset management library, which comes pre-populated with universal materials such as woodgrain, enables you to store product data as individual models, materials and textures.

This organized library can be repurposed across a variety of platforms, for cohesive and consistent brand visuals as well as making configuration changes to all sectionals in your catalog.

The integration of 3D asset management into your business operations not only streamlines workflows but also significantly reduces the time and cost associated with traditional product photography and marketing material creation.

By automating the generation of high-quality visuals, you can focus more on innovation and less on operational tasks.

Embracing these advanced tools not only supports a more efficient manufacturing process but also contributes to a more sustainable production model.

lookbook-furniture sectional configurator

Integration with Business Management and Ecommerce Platforms

Threekit integrates seamlessly with top ecommerce platforms, PLMs, PIMs, ERPs and more, because enhancing your digital selling experience shouldn't require operational changes and difficulty. 

This plug-and-play configuration technology:

  • Increases quote activity and accuracy when integrated with existing CPQ software like Salesforce CPQ and Logik.io.
  • Levels up merchandising ability when integrated into existing PIM software, such as inRiver.
  • Connects to your ERP via an API that can serve up 3D and AR assets through the Threekit player.
  • Integrates seamlessly with the most popular ecommerce platforms, including BigCommerce, commercetools, Magento, Salesforce, SAP, Shopify and WooCommerce.

Customer shopping for home furniture on an online store with a visual configurator paired with augmented reality

With a robust tool platform and 24/7 global support, Threekit can help boost your sofa sales and support your business growth. Schedule a demo to learn more, or check out our furniture brand success stories.