3D Configurator for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

In utilizing advanced technologies that are included in Threekit's 3d configurator platform, such as automatic order processing, 3D asset management and manufacturing outputs, PPE sellers can provide a seamless and interactive shopping experience.

Key Takeaways

  • Product customization increases buyer confidence—shoppers are 60% more likely to buy a product they've customized.
  • Consumers are willing to pay 20% more for products they can personalize to suit their unique needs.
  • High-quality, interactive visuals boost the likelihood of conversion and align customer expectation.
  • A 3D configurator enhances business operations and decreases cost by ensuring a greater degree of manufacturing accuracy, speeding production time and providing the agility to adapt to market changes.

Increased Customer Satisfaction in PPE Products

Customers want control over the online shopping experience, as well as input into the product they're paying hard-earned money for. But before they click "Buy," they also want peace of mind about what they’re actually getting. 3D product configuration gives them just that.

Effortless Customization

With necessary safety requirements in PPE, shopper confidence is paramount. A 3D configurator not only enhances the visual appeal of equipment, it also provides customers with a sense of control and assurance.

Shoppers can see their PPE configurations in real-time, selecting custom options and watching the product transform instantly, even if you don't have those customized products already manufactured.

Moreover, they can see dynamic pricing associated with their selected configurations. This transparency helps them understand relative value of the product, leading to a deeper connection with it.

By allowing shoppers to view their custom configurations from every angle, they can make informed decisions with confidence, knowing exactly what they're purchasing.

Shopper confidence is further bolstered by the ability to visualize products in real environments, ensuring the perfect fit and coverage. This level of interactivity reduces the uncertainty that often accompanies online purchases.

By leveraging this advanced technology, PPE sellers can easily adapt to customer demands, offering a wider range of customization options without compromising on delivery times.


Engaging Visuals

Statistics show that detailed product imagery can significantly impact buying behavior. In one study, 83% of shoppers cited product imagery as a critical factor in their online purchase decisions.

With high-quality visuals and interactive options such as the ability to zoom in on granular details and rotate the product image 360°, customers have a more accurate expectation of their PPE, increasing satisfaction and decreasing costly product returns.

Additionally, Threekit includes image generating features such as Virtual Photographer, which can create thousands of accurate, photorealistic images of your PPE without the expense of creating, staging and photographing every possible configuration. 

These images convey more than just the product look—they tell the story of your brand, inspire customers and ensure visual consistency across all marketing channels.

Technician setting machinery to create custom products designed in a 3D cylinder configurator

Streamlined Business Operations

The tool doesn't just boost customer satisfaction and ease of shopping, it also creates efficiencies in multiple work streams. Threekit's solution supports scalable production through a robust 3D asset management library, negates the costly need to keep every variation of a product in stock and speeds up order fulfillment time.

Automated Order Processing

Once a customer finalizes their unique PPE configuration and completes the  purchase, the system automatically generates an order with precise specifications. Additionally, it provides cut patterns, assembly instructions, CAD files and a bill of materials, reducing delays in post-order workflows.

This seamless transition from design to manufacture not only enhances efficiency but also minimizes the potential for human error, ensuring that customers receive exactly what they want.

The integration of automatic order processing significantly reduces the time between order placement and production commencement, streamlining the entire sales cycle.

Graphic designer using virtual photography to create new product digital assets

3D Asset Management

By storing product data as individual models, materials and textures, Threekit's 3D configurator enables wide-scale repurposing of assets across all customer touchpoints.

Businesses can easily add to and manage this library, using it to streamline the creation of new product variations. This flexibility significantly enhances the ability to quickly respond to market trends, material shortages and customer preferences.

By adopting a systematic approach to 3D asset management, companies can improve operational efficiency and reduce the time to market for new products.

Integration with Business Management Platforms

Threekit's visual commerce and CPQ solutions integrate smoothly with business operations tools such as ecommerce sites, PIM, DAM, ERP, ECM and more. This ensures a smooth, disruption-free experience for online shoppers and your digital management team.

Additionally, this collaboration supports business transparency and allows for easy backend management of the tool. And with 24/7 global support, sales teams and product development have the tools they need to keep the customer experience excellent.

Factory operators ordering more industrial cylinders in a 3D cylinder configurator

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