Using a 3D Configurator for Kitchens

The 3D configurator offers a revolutionary way to enhance kitchen product visualization for ecommerce, providing an interactive shopping experience and enhancing customer satisfaction. Let's explore the additional features of this advanced visual commerce platform.

Key Takeaways

  • Incorporating innovative visual solutions engages customers in your products and increases their buying confidence.
  • Customization offer a sense of ownership to the shopper by empowering them to ensure the product meets their unique needs.
  • Efficient order processing systems streamline operations, shortening manufacturing and delivery time and improving customer satisfaction.
  • Interactive product customization caters to the modern shopper's desire to have unique products, explore features before committing to purchase and produce less environmental waste.
  • The 3D configurator integrates easily with existing business management software and tools, including ecommerce, for minimal disruption to business operations.

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Providing a Unique Shopping Experience

The kitchen industry is packed with ecommerce sites offering similar options on a multitude of products. To attract customer attention and increase engagement, businesses must stand apart from the competition in a bold way.

Consider the following study-based statistics:

  • 83% of shoppers cite product imagery as the top influence on their online purchase decisions.
  • Shoppers are 60% more likely to buy a product they can customize themselves.
  • Digital consumers are willing to pay up to 20% more for a personalized product.

To meet these consumer demands and drive sales, invest in a 3D product configurator.

Let the Shopper Guide the Design

When shopping for kitchen appliances online, customers want to be able to see how a product looks and will fit into their space, before buying it.

By using a 3D configurator, they can customize product options, including colors, materials, sizes and shapes, based on their individual preferences. This ability encourages a sense of ownership, increasing the likelihood of a sale.

Shopper configurations are shown in real-time via advanced 3D renders, which allow the customer to inspect every angle and granular detail of the item, as desired. Additional interactive features include "explosions" which virtually pulls apart the product to show each component.

In addition, changes to price based on chosen configuration options are shown in real-time, providing a transparency that encourages consumer trust in the business. 

Clients have reported that using Threekit resulted in a:

  • 50% increase in average order value
  • 42% boost in conversions
  • 30% increase in quote requests for manufacturers

Display Stunning Product Images

Humans are visual creatures. A recent study found that three days after seeing a product, people are likely to remember only 10% of its textual information but a whopping 65% of visualization content.

Providing high-quality, interactive images of your products engages consumers and relays more information about an item than a descriptive paragraph can.

Additionally, shopper confidence is bolstered by the ability to visualize products in real or aspirational environments, ensuring the perfect fit and style within their space. This level of interactivity reduces the uncertainty that often accompanies online purchases. This increases satisfaction and decreases the likelihood of costly product returns.

A scalable tool like Visual Photographer creates photorealistic 2D product renderings, ensuring the environmental aspects of a product image are ideal and exact. These can be posed in real environments to inspire shoppers and promote cross-selling. 

With the ability to render thousands of unique product images with a few mouse clicks, businesses save time and money in creating the necessary visuals to draw shoppers to their brand.


Empower Shoppers with Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) integrates with your ecommerce site and product catalog, so shoppers can see your products in their space in real-time, with one click.

This try-before-you-buy capability further encourages conversions and reduces the likelihood of product return due to customer expectation mismatch. Additionally, consumer trust in the brand is increased with seamless digital experiences such as web-based AR functions. 

66% of online shoppers report that AR visuals increase their confidence in their buying decisions, making it a critical tool for ecommerce success.

instant pot augmented reality example

Easily Manage Visual Assets

The 3D configurator stores product data as individual models, materials and textures, as well as coming pre-populated with common materials, such as wood and steel. This enables wide-scale repurposing of assets across all customer touchpoints, and makes expanding the asset library easy.

The robust asset management program enables you to quickly apply a new texture or color to existing products, or remove an existing option to accommodate shipping delays and discontinuations. With just a few clicks, existing product photos can be edited as needed.

This flexibility significantly enhances the ability to respond swiftly to market trends and customer preferences. And with the 3D asset management reducing time-to-market for new products, you have a competitive edge that doesn't require increased spending.

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Reduce Order Errors and Manufacturing Delays

Once a customer finalizes their kitchen product configuration and completes the  purchase, the system automatically generates an order with their precise specifications as well as sending CAD files, assembly instructions, cut patterns and a bill of materials to the manufacturer, reducing delays in post-order workflows.

The integration of automatic order processing significantly reduces the time between order placement and production commencement, streamlining the entire sales cycle.

Focus on Innovation

The modern digital shopper expects ecommerce sites to support wish list, save cart and social sharing options. Threekit enables all of these and more, by utilizing a headless solution that works with a variety of ecommerce platforms.

With Threekit's CPQ solution, which integrates easily with existing business management software, implementing this technology is a smooth process. The product configurator communicates with PIM, DAM, ERP, PLM, ECQ and more, to ensure this composable platform doesn't require extra oversight or specialized management.

And with a comprehensive product support library, active developer community and 24/7 global support, any platform needs you have will be addressed quickly and fully.

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