3D Configurator for Doors

Utilizing a 3D configurator can enhance customer experience, boost sales and make business operations more efficient, increasing your bottom line ad building greater brand loyalty.

Key Takeaways

  • Product customization increases buying confidence and satisfaction.
  • High-quality, interactive visuals boost the likelihood of conversion and align customer expectations.
  • It decreases cost by ensuring a greater degree of manufacturing accuracy, speeding production time and providing the agility to adapt to market changes.

3D Configurators Increase Customer Satisfaction

Threekit's 3D configurator empowers customers to design a door that suits their needs and see their changes in real-time, boosting customer engagement and satisfaction with advanced customization and high-quality visuals.

Advanced Customization Capabilities

With digital shopping for critical items like doors, shopper confidence is key to securing a sale. By allowing shoppers to view their custom configurations from every angle, they can make informed decisions with confidence, knowing exactly what they're purchasing. 

Shopper confidence is bolstered by the ability to visualize products in real or aspirational environments, ensuring the perfect fit and style within their space. This level of interactivity reduces the uncertainty that often accompanies online purchases.

The integration of a 3D configurator into an ecommerce platform translates into a more transparent and trustworthy shopping experience.


Retailers using product customization tools have reported a 60% increase in the likelihood of a purchase when shoppers are involved in the product creation process. Moreover, the ability to customize products can lead to a willingness to pay a premium, with shoppers willing to spend 20% more for a personalized item.

Whether you're a B2C or B2B, a 3D configurator not only enhances the visual appeal of your doors, it also provides customers with a sense of control and assurance. By leveraging this advanced technology, you can easily adapt to customer demands, offering a wider range of customization options without compromising on delivery times.

Threekit 3D product configurator example of a customized front entry doors

Interactive Visual Assets

Statistics show that detailed product imagery can significantly impact buying behavior—83% of shoppers cite product imagery as a critical factor in their online purchase decisions.

With high-resolution visuals and interactive capabilities, such as the ability to zoom in on granular details, customers have a more accurate expectation of their door. This increases satisfaction and decreases the likelihood of costly product returns.

Additionally, a library of consistently stunning visuals maintains consistency across all channels, increasing customer recognition of and trust in the brand. With Threekit's CPQ solution, which integrates easily with a variety of existing business management software, implementing this technology is a smooth process.

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3D Configurators Decrease Business Costs

3D configurators also create efficiencies in multiple work streams and lower operational costs. With auto-generated 3D renders, there's no need to make, stock and photograph each product and its variations in multiple scenes and lighting. It also supports scalable door production, with a robust 3D asset management library and automated manufacturing outputs.

Automated Manufacturing Output

Once a customer finalizes their unique door configuration and completes the  purchase, the system generates an order with precise specifications as well as CAD files, assembly instructions and a bill of materials, reducing delays in post-order workflows.

The integration of automatic order processing significantly reduces the time between order placement and production commencement, streamlining the entire sales cycle.


The seamless transition from design to order not only enhances efficiency but also minimizes the potential for errors, ensuring that customers receive exactly what they envisioned.

It enables your business to focus on design and omnichannel marketing, rather than paperwork. And if the customer needs support with installation or product, service teams can easily reference the exact specifications of the customer's order.

10. Digital Asset Management

Scalable 3D Asset Management

The 3D configurator stores product data as individual models, materials and textures, as well as coming pre-populated with common materials, such as wood and steel. This enables wide-scale repurposing of assets across all customer touchpoints, and makes expanding the asset library easy.

The robust asset management program enables you to quickly apply a new texture or color to existing products or remove an existing option to accommodate material shipping delays or discontinuations. With just a few clicks, existing product photos can be edited as needed.

This flexibility significantly enhances the ability to respond swiftly to market trends and customer preferences. And with the 3D asset management reducing time-to-market for new products, you have a competitive edge that doesn't require increased spending.

door zoom view

With 24/7 global support, sales teams and product development have the tools they need to keep the customer experience excellent. Open up your door business to greater profits and happier customers with a 3D configurator from Threekit. Schedule a free demo to learn more.