Parametric Configuration

Enable customers to easily create entirely personalized, made-to-order products. Streamline your sales and quoting process.

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What is parametric configuration on Threekit?

Our parametric 3D system enables expert users to add geometric relationships and equation-driven dimensions and save time with automatic drawing updates. We’ve developed simple and straightforward rules and decision logic so you can easily capture and reuse all your design, manufacturing and cost estimation knowledge to truly automate your business.

  • Create design rules to drive your 3D models and drawings
  • Generate Bills of Materials for manufacturing
  • Automate your quoting processEnable your sales team


Lightweight and lightning-fast

Our configurator starts loading within 2 seconds of a customer entering your site

Production-ready files

Generate STL and STEP geometry for direct CNC production or 3D printing

Controlled, dynamic configuration

Clean UIs that even your most non-technical customers can use

Import your existing 3D data

Set up 3D configurator with existing 3D files from Rhino, SolidWorks, and OnShape

Seamless eCommerce integration

Plug into a new or existing store to streamline your orders

How our parametric 3D Configurator works


Import Your Existing 3D Data

Quickly import your 3D data from Rhino, SolidWorks, Onshape, (and more) into our robust parametric 3D platform. We’ll tweak your models to find the perfect balance of quality and speed.


Set the Rules

You define the ruleset, parameters, and min-max values — we’ll interpolate the values and ensure it connects seamlessly with your models.


Simple, User-Friendly Controls

Our rule-based configurator unlocks infinite possibilities through user-friendly sliders and selectors.


Live Pricing and eCommerce Integration

Your parametric 3D configurator can seamlessly integrate with major eCommerce platforms including Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce. Each parameter can be linked to attributes in your existing store allowing for live-pricing calculations, including per-unit pricing.


Production-Ready Files

Generate and export configured models and precise 3D geometry that are production-ready for CNC or 3D printing. Parametric models can be configured and exported in a variety of formats, including STL and STEP formats.


Mass Customization, Direct to Production

We build parametric 3D configurators that plug seamlessly into your existing 3D model workflow — from the live creation of 3D geometry to production-ready files.