Visual Commerce for Work Stations

Studies indicate that 83% of shoppers rank product imagery as the most influential factor in their online purchase decisions, underscoring the importance of visual commerce.

Key Takeaways

  • Visual commerce boosts customer satisfaction through engagement, customization, interactive product images and a streamlined production workflow.
  • 3D configurators enable the customer to prioritize their specific needs, from storage to ergonomics to accessibility, and show changes in real-time to align customer expectation.
  • High-resolution images with interactive elements, such as photorealistic renders and augmented reality, increase customer confidence in purchases.
  • Seamless integration with ecommerce and business software remove the likelihood of sales disruptions when upgrading to visual commerce tools.

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Creating Engaging Designs Using Visual Commerce

Visual commerce can increase customer engagement and satisfaction, align product expectations and enable greater confidence in purchase decisions. With configurable, necessary and high-value items like workstations, offering customizability that meets the user's specific needs is critical.

This ability to present inspiring workstation designs lies primarily in two features of visual commerce: a 3D configurator and a visual engine that allows for photorealistic and interactive images.

3D Configurators to Meet Client Needs

The key to a successful workstation design lies in its ability to adapt to the diverse needs of its users, promoting both comfort and functionality. To achieve this, several factors must be considered:

  • Ergonomics to ensure user comfort and prevent strain
  • Accessibility to essential tools and resources
  • Flexibility to accommodate various work styles and tasks
  • Storage options for various industry tools
  • Integration of technology to streamline workflow

3D configurators allow users to interact with a digital twin of their workspace, adjusting components such as desk height, monitor arms, and storage solutions to their preferences. This interactive experience not only ensures ergonomic comfort but also fosters a sense of ownership and satisfaction.

The tool also reduces the likelihood of customers being overwhelmed by choice, as visuals impart more ingestible information than text. For example, the customer automatically understands the shape, color and relative size of desk to add-ons when they're able to see it all together, separate and at multiple angles. 

Statistically, consumers assign a higher value to items they can customize to meet their unique designs, and studies have shown they're willing to pay up to 20% more for these items.

In making a user-friendly customization option on your ecommerce site, you engage users and create a sense of ownership over the workstation, increasing the likelihood of conversions.

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Photorealistic and Interactive Images to Inspire Clients

To truly leverage the 3D configurator's abilities, detailed and interactive visuals are necessary. Not only does the customer see the product, they can interact with it—zooming in for a look at granular details, rotating it to better understand the shape and footprint, and "exploding" it to see what elements are part of the workstation.

With the Threekit 3D configurator, product renders can be easily created from just a few reference photos. All angles are then created and stored in a robust asset management library. This library also stores common workstation textures, such as wood grain and metal, enabling you to easily swap materials as needed to meet market changes and customer demand.


Virtual Photographer and Augmented Reality

Virtual Photographer is a feature that creates photorealistic images of your product, without the expense and time of utilizing a photographer. The workstation is displayed in its best light and a realistic environment, giving the customer a better sense of relative size of the product.

These images can be used to portray inspirational examples of different configurations, offering a greater chance to upsell and cross-sell. By having an integrated asset library, workstations are consistent across all customer touchpoints, which boosts trust in the brand.

Visual commerce also includes augmented reality (AR), which overlays a 3D image of the item, in the user's chosen configuration, onto their smart phone camera. This enables them to see exactly how the workstation will look and fit into their space, which further boosts confidence in purchase decisions.

Visual commerce not only captivates attention but also instills confidence in users, with 66% of online shoppers stating that 3D and augmented reality visuals increase their confidence in their purchases.


Seamless Integration for Ease of Use

The integration of visual commerce can be transformative, offering a suite of tools that cater to diverse needs:

  • Headless solutions provide a flexible format that seamlessly integrates with ecommerce platforms and existing business management software.
  • Advanced configuration capabilities allow for complex customizations, including nested and parametric configurations.
  • Automatic order processing ensures that the exact product specifications are captured when a purchase is made, reducing the likelihood of human error.
  • Automated manufacturing outputs send CAD files, instructions and a list of materials to the manufacturer, resulting in faster fulfillment time.

With the ability to easily integrate into popular ecommerce platforms such as Shopify WooCommerce, Salesforce, BigCommerce, commercetools and Magento, the addition of Threekit keeps the shopping experience smooth and intuitive.

The tool also includes CPQ solutions to keep sales, manufacturing and support connected through integration with business management programs such as PIM, ERM, DAM, ELM and more.


From our advanced 3D configurator to our innovative visual engine, Threekit's visual commerce solutions can take your workstation business to the next level. Contact us to learn more.