Visual Commerce for Windows

As a proud member of the Window & Door Manufacturers Association (WDMA), Threekit understands the challenges window sellers face. Our cutting-edge visual commerce platform creates a premium end-to-end buying experience that drives engagement, sales and repeat business. Keep reading to find out how.

Key Takeaways

  • Easily generated, interactive product visuals and real-time product configuration via a user-friendly platform increase engagement and product interest.
  • Augmented reality (AR) and Threekit Spaces enable shoppers to view products in their space, boosting buyer confidence and reducing the likelihood of product return due to mismatched expectations.
  • Integration with standard industry tools like Paradigm, Autodesk AutoCAD and Salesforce support omnichannel selling.

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Driving Business Success with Visual Commerce Tools

User-Friendly, Advanced Configuration

Threekit's custom window configurator enables shoppers to customize their product in a variety of ways, via an easy interface that integrates seamlessly with your existing ecommerce platform.

Customers can select from drop-downs to change size, material and more, even if you haven't manufactured that configuration yet. 

An interactive 3D visual of their product enables them to closely inspect the product from all angles and updates to reflect their choices in real-time.

The configurator also provides real-time pricing and quote creation, enabling informed decisions about their self-designed product. 

And with the configurator, a custom window sale seamlessly crosses channels—from website to showroom to in-home. It can be distributed to any endpoint to create a cohesive experience that closes deals faster.


Creating Engaging Product Visualizations with a Single Click

Create 3D configurators modeled by components that you can use again and again, indefinitely, across all digital channels. 

It starts with 3D product renders built off CAD files of your products. Those populate into the product configurator, an interactive catalog and anywhere else you need them.

Then use the virtual photography tool to build thousands of photorealistic 2D images of the product with just a few clicks. These can be combined with individually saved scenes and configuration options for a nearly limitless visual landscape to inspire and inform shoppers.

Need to shift with market demand or supply chain changes? The advanced visual engine and digital asset library enable the flexibility to update your product catalog in moments.

This reduces the need to create, photograph and store product samples, saving money and reducing the length of the production cycle.

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Personalized Shopping Experiences with AR and Spaces

AR creates shopper confidence and trust in the brand by allowing users to digitally place your windows in their existing space by using their phone. 

The ability to move around their room in real-time and visualize the product in exact detail significantly boosts the likelihood of conversion.

According to Shopify, merchants using 3D and AR have increased conversion rates by up to 250%.

There's also Threekit Spaces, a room configuration software with a simple grid layout and accuracy to the inch. With its drag-and-drop functionality, users can easily manipulate and arrange different elements of a building and then insert your windows to get an accurate understanding of the layout, footprint and arrangement.

The real-time product visuals provide instant feedback, allowing users to understand their design choices more intuitively.

This interactive interface simplifies the design process and increases efficiency, in addition to boosting buying confidence.

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The Ideal Path-to-Purchase for Custom Doors

Where Top Door Brands are Succeeding and Where They Must Make Strides to Meet Buyer Needs

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Business Tools for Painless Growth and Market Agility

With robust CPQ functions and an advanced visual engine, you can create immersive experiences anywhere you sell. Whether customers land on your ecommerce store, visit your site in-person, or speak to a sales rep over video call, they get consistent messaging about your product—which reflects every manufacturing, supply chain or shipping condition.

Seamless Integration with Your Tech Stack

Threekit is a fully composable solution that runs on APIs and works with the tech you already have. Our platform integrates with your CRM, ERP and current configurator software, including Salesforce, Autodesk, Oracle, SAP and more.

This means the platform grows with your business, supporting your unique needs in a way that's highly scalable and easy to manage. 

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Automation for Faster Production with Fewer Errors

The visual commerce platform includes two automation features to create more efficiency in business workflows.

Automated order processing captures and stores all order data as soon as the shopper clicks 'buy', communicating across all relevant software platforms to generate the necessary post-order items.

Concurrently, manufacturing outputs such as CAD files, a BOM, cut patterns and assembly instructions are sent to the production floor. This ensures the customer gets the exact item they designed and purchased, reduces material waste, and gets the product to the consumer more quickly.

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Leveraging Paradigm

Paradigm Omni is a cloud-hosted, web-based CPQ and selling solution that leverages window and door manufacturers’ product catalogs across all sales channels, allowing users to seamlessly start and finish a sale from anywhere.

With Threekit, Paradigm customers can leverage their product and business rules in Paradigm Omni to deliver game changing customer experiences that let customers get inspired and configure complex window and door solutions in 3D, AR and more. 

The combination of these tools delivers a visual experience that blends stunning imagery with seamless configuration and pricing technology, so that dealers and buyers have everything they need to transact. 


By utilizing these sophisticated configuration tools, companies can ensure that their windows are presented in the most appealing and accurate way possible, leading to increased shopper confidence and higher conversion rates.

Our innovative visual commerce tools are designed to create immersive shopping experiences that captivate customers and drive sales. Don't let your competition outshine you—visit our website to learn how Threekit can transform your business and keep your customers delighted.