Using Visual Commerce for Customized Uniforms

Manage your 3D assets in one place, with unlimited uniform customization options, seamless platform integration and unrivaled image generation tools. Then watch your customer engagement, satisfaction and sales skyrocket.

Key Takeaways

  • Customization through a user-friendly interface increases likelihood of conversions, adds perceived value and provides user behavior insights to leverage for future uniform styles.
  • Interactive 3D images, consistently high-quality 2D images and augmented reality for virtual try-on experiences increase customer engagement and ensure a more correct fit.
  • Automated post-purchase workflows reduce the likelihood of human error, lower lead time and ease communication between designers and manufacturers.


Upping Satisfaction by Putting the Shopper in Control

Catching Attention with the Right Product Visuals

In the realm of online shopping, 83% of shoppers cite product imagery as the crucial factor influencing their buying decisions. 

Whether buying uniforms for a league team, or a family of fans, shoppers feel more confident in a purchase when they can see it from all angles and distances.

With Threekit's 3D visuals, customers can rotate a product 360°, inspecting it from every angle to be sure added logos and text are placed correctly. They can zoom in to gain a better understanding of the material's texture and drape on the body.

And they can do all that while personalizing it in the product customizer, with all changes reflected in real-time.

An included 3D digital asset library stores each generated background, configuration and product as separate files, easily allowing overlays for a virtually infinite number of configurations. This enables you to adapt to market or supply chain issues with agility and speed.


Inspire with Virtual Photography

Threekit's Virtual Photographer tool turns a 3D image, often generated from a CAD file, into thousands of photorealistic images that showcase the base uniform from all angles.

These can be rendered into aspirational images, showing the product in motion and adding to the excitement of the shopping experience.

With just a few clicks—and no costly photoshoots or wasted samples to warehouse—you can create the stunning array of images that customers demand. 

Plus, you can engage brand storytelling and ensure visual consistency across all customer touchpoints.


Empowering Shoppers with Customization

Personalized uniform customization empowers shoppers to create unique pieces that resonate with their team values and image.

This bespoke approach taps into the desire for self-expression, making each purchase more than just a transaction—it becomes a statement about your sport. Plus, studies indicate that when shoppers have a hand in creating their own product, they are 60% more likely to press "buy."

The process of customization can vary, but typically includes options such as selecting fabric types, colors and adding custom text or images.

By offering a user-friendly customization interface, you can significantly enhance the online shopping experience, leading to increased customer loyalty and higher conversion rates.

By providing shoppers with the ability to tailor their uniforms to their exact preferences, you not only foster a sense of ownership but also significantly boost the perceived value of their products.

Statistics show that digital shoppers are willing to pay a premium for customized products. In fact, they will pay up to 20% more for an item they've had a hand in creating.

And pairing personalized customer support along with the customization journey ensures that shoppers feel valued and supported throughout their experience.

Augmented Reality for Added Confidence

Augmented reality (AR) is revolutionizing the way consumers interact with products online.

By integrating AR into the shopping experience, you enable the shopper to see how the uniform will look on them in their chosen size. This helps guide them to the correct fit, without the time demands of a static, in-store fitting.

This immersive approach not only enhances the user experience but also instills a greater sense of confidence in their buying decisions.

The integration of 3D visuals and AR not only meets but exceeds shopper expectations, allowing them to fully customize and visualize products in their own space before making a purchase.

And with Threekit's seamless integration into multiple ecommerce platforms, shoppers can transition from customization to AR in just one click.

Customers are more likely to make a purchase when they can see themselves wearing the product. In fact, Shopify found that products advertised with AR content saw a 94% higher conversion rate than products without that content. 


Headless Architecture for an Intuitive Shopping Experience

With headless architecture and a user-friendly design, a robust digital asset management system and seamless integration with existing PIM, DAM, ERP, CPQ, ecommerce platforms and more, Threekit is easy to use and maintain.

You can set specific rules around customization options, upselling suggestions and abandoned cart reminders. And Threekit scales in size and feature, to meet you where your business is.

With 24/7 global support, a wealth of support documentation and videos, comprehensive tool training and ISO 27001 certification, Threekit is always available to ensure a business is utilizing the platform to its full potential.

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