Visual Commerce for Customized Jerseys

Take your jersey production to an entirely new level, boosting sales and saving business costs, with visual commerce solutions from Threekit. From 3D renderings and virtual photography to product customization and virtual try-ons with augmented reality, visual commerce boosts shopper confidence, engagement and sales.

Key Takeaways

  • Customization through a user-friendly interface increases likelihood of conversions, adds perceived value and provides user behavior insights to leverage for future jersey styles.
  • Interactive 3D images, consistently high-quality 2D images and augmented reality (AR) for virtual try-on experiences increase customer engagement and ensure a more correct fit.
  • Automated post-purchase workflows reduce the likelihood of human error, lower lead time and ease communication between designers and manufacturers.

Capture Customers with Visual Commerce

Interactive Visualizations Boost Shopper Confidence

Whether buying jerseys for a league team, or a family of fans cheering on their favorite players, shoppers feel more confident in a purchase when they can see at least 8 detailed product images, showing it from all angles and distances.

83% of shoppers cite product imagery as the crucial factor influencing their buying decisions. 

With Threekit's detailed 3D renders, customers can rotate a product 360°, inspecting it from every angle to be sure added logos and text are placed correctly. They can zoom in to gain a better understanding of the material's texture and weight.

And with the platform's seamless integration with your existing PIM, DAM, ERP, and other CPQ tools, the color and font palette comes directly from the manufacturer to give them the most realistic and accurate visual of their jersey.

Shoppers can be confident that they know exactly what they'll get, increasing the likelihood of both conversion and repeat business. And with expectations of product aligned correctly, costly product returns are reduced.


Customized Personalization Adds Value

Personalized customization empowers shoppers to create unique jerseys that resonate with their team values and image.

This bespoke approach taps into the human desire for self-expression, making each purchase a statement about their sport. With real-time imagery reflecting their changes to your product, plus any pricing changes associated with it, there's transparency and trust in the designing process.

By offering a user-friendly customization interface on your ecommerce site, you can significantly enhance the online shopping experience. Making it easy to go from browse to design to buy increases customer loyalty with the brand.

Studies indicate that when shoppers have a hand in creating their own product, they are 60% more likely to click "buy."

Providing shoppers with the ability to tailor their jerseys to their exact preferences fosters a sense of ownership and also significantly boost the perceived value of the products.

And pairing personalized customer support along with the jersey customization journey ensures that shoppers feel valued and supported throughout their experience.

lookbook-virtual tryon-helmet

Seamless Augmented Reality Experiences Guide Fit and Look

Customers are more likely to make a purchase when they can see themselves wearing the product. In fact, Shopify found that products advertised with AR content saw a 94% higher conversion rate than products without that content.

By integrating AR into the shopping experience, you enable the shopper to see how the jersey will look on them in their chosen size. This helps guide them to the correct fit, without the time demands of a static, in-store fitting.

This immersive approach not only enhances the user experience but also instills a greater sense of confidence in their buying decisions.

tshirt 360 spin

Streamline Business Operations with Visual Commerce

Smart Asset Management Tools Bring Adaptability

With the included 3D asset management tool, materials, textures, colors and construction elements can easily be repurposed to different products and in different configurations.

Each image file is generated and stored separately as product, configuration option and background/scene files. This enables the customer to design a truly unique jersey that meets their needs, without your company first having to make and photograph it.

It also means that elements can be added, removed or swapped around quickly and easily, allowing real-time adaptation to shifts in the market and supply chain. 


Virtual Photography Saves Big on Cost

Unlike traditional product photography, virtual photography can generate thousands of photorealistic images from multiple angles in mere moments. 

Threekit's Virtual Photographer comes with advanced photo editing software, so you can generate, edit and publish your favorite photos quickly and easily. The robust AI within the platform ensures elements like light and shadow are correctly reflected, no matter what fabrics you use.

These can be used in the product catalog, turned into lifestyle and aspirational images for marketing and pushed across all platforms for visual brand consistency.

Threekit's Virtual Photographer is 24x faster than traditional product photography and at 1/1,000 the cost.

Not only does this make it much faster—enabling you to create images of products you haven't even made yet—it does so at a fraction of the cost of traditional product photography.

You don't have to spend money and time manufacturing a product, shipping samples to a photographer, booking a studio, scheduling a photoshoot, waiting for the edited images, warehousing the samples and managing the contracts involved.


Automation Reduces Order Errors

To reduce human error, and therefore damage customer relationships, the 3D product customizer has an automatic order processing function.

Once the buyer completes their purchase, the order is sent to production with all the included details. The cut pattern, assembly instructions and bill-of-materials are also automatically sent, so sewing can begin immediately. 

Faster and more accurate fulfillment not only increases customer satisfaction and loyalty, it reduces the need for intermediary human resources or a large digital sales and support group.

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User-Friendly Design Makes it Easy to Manage

The platform is built with virtually plug-and-play ease in using. With configurable rules-set and API, the headless architecture can be managed by a specialist or a generalist, and is as hands-on as you need it to be.

You can set specific rules around customization options, upselling suggestions and abandoned cart reminders. Plus, Threekit scales in size and feature to grow alongside your business.

24/7 global support, a wealth of support documentation and videos, comprehensive tool training and ISO 27001 certification makes Threekit consistently available to ensure your business has the support it needs to win.

Athlete holding up a trophy that was designed through a product configurator

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