Visual Commerce for Custom Footwear

In this article, we'll explore the benefits of integrating Threekit for visual commerce, maximizing sales through immersive custom footwear shopping experiences and the innovative features that set Threekit apart.

Key Takeaways

  • Visual commerce technologies like 3D product configuration and augmented reality empower consumers and enhance their shopping experience.
  • Threekit provides a scalable solution tailored to your unique business needs, with headless ecommerce integration and automated post-purchase processes.

Enhancing the Online Shopping Experience

In the realm of custom footwear, online retailers and designers often struggle to engage customers in the way a brick-and-mortar store can. However, the Threekit shoe configurator is changing the ecommerce landscape in this industry by enabling customers to design their own footwear, closely examine it in stunning 3D with 360° capability and configurable augment reality (AR) experiences.

Full Product Customization

A custom shoe configurator enables your digital storefront to offer all potential customization options to your users.

Shoppers can design their own shoes, with the ability to choose custom colors for midsoles, outsoles, heels, laces and tongues. They can also add custom text to the tongue label, such as a name.

This unique experience puts them in the role of designer, bringing their vision to life and reflecting accurate, real-time visuals and prices for each selection.

With the help of a shoe configurator, you can completely digitize your entire catalog and make it easy to manage. If you make a sale, this is instantly reflected in the configurator and your inventory. If a fabric or color option changes, you can react quickly and without the risk of human error to ensure your catalog is accurate.


Enhanced Product Visualization

90% of what we process is visual. While your product descriptions provide useful information, they're not providing the sales points that complete visualization can accomplish. 

Leveraging high-fidelity 3D models presents shoppers with more intricate details and textures, fostering a deeper connection with the product before purchase. This immersive experience not only satisfies the visual curiosity of customers but also significantly reduces the uncertainty that often accompanies online shopping.

With Threekit's advanced visualization tools, retailers can present their products in a dynamic and interactive manner, allowing for a virtual 'try-before-you-buy' scenario.

The benefits of enhanced visualization extend beyond the initial attraction:

  • Increased conversion rates: Shoppers are more likely to make a purchase when they can visualize products in high detail.
  • Reduced return rates: Clear and accurate visuals help customers make informed decisions, leading to fewer returns.
  • Customer empowerment: Providing the ability to view products from every angle gives customers a sense of control and personalization.

Businesses have seen as much as a 40% increase in conversions by offering interactive 3D. Also, 82% of visitors on product pages will activate a 3D view if one is available. Adding helpful, interactive tools will increase visit duration and brand familiarity.

Shopper using virtual try-on technology to try on shoes

Configurable Augmented Reality

In the realm of visual commerce, AR enables shoppers to visualize products in their own space, ensuring the perfect fit and style before making a purchase. This immersive experience not only boosts shopper confidence but also significantly reduces return rates.

The codeless integration of AR into ecommerce platforms allows for a seamless transition from product customization to real-world visualization. Customers can personalize their footwear with a variety of options and immediately see the results in their environment. 

Customers can also determine their shoe size using their mobile devices, which can then connect to the configurator to ensure their shoe design is the right size, removing the uncertainty that often comes with online apparel shopping.

By enabling shoppers to put your product in their space, Threekit provides a powerful tool that bridges the gap between digital customization and physical reality.

This highly engaging and interactive shopping experience leads to customer confidence about the product, higher conversion rates and increased customer satisfaction. It will also make you more popular among shoppers, as 61% of consumers say they prefer retailers that offer AR experiences.

Man shopping for shoes in an online store

Tailored Business Solutions

Threekit's flexibility allows for tailored solutions that meet the specific needs of each business, ensuring a personalized approach to visual commerce.

By harnessing these capabilities, businesses can provide customers with an immersive and interactive shopping journey, from initial product discovery to final purchase.

Moreover, the integration facilitates automatic order processing, which translates into a streamlined workflow from sales to manufacturing.

This efficiency is further supported by robust 3D asset management, allowing for the effective organization and re-use of digital product models and materials.

Streamlining Order Processing

Once a shopper finalizes their unique design and hits the buy button, the system instantly generates an order with the precise product specifications. This seamless transition from shopping cart to production line not only enhances efficiency but also reduces the potential for human error.

Threekit's integration with ecommerce platforms and business management tools ensures that the complexities of order processing are simplified. The platform's capabilities include automatically generating and sending to the manufacturer:

  • A bill-of-materials
  • Assembly instructions
  • CAD file
  • Cut patterns
By automating these critical steps, businesses can focus on innovation and customer service, rather than getting bogged down by the minutiae of order details.

The result is a streamlined process that accelerates production and delivery times, leading to higher customer satisfaction and repeat business. 

Ekoi online shoe customizer

Headless Architecture for Seamless Integration

By decoupling the front-end presentation layer from the back-end data and logic, businesses can integrate advanced visual commerce capabilities into their existing platforms with unprecedented flexibility. This approach enables seamless updates and customizations without disrupting the core system, ensuring that the shopping experience remains fluid and responsive to market trends.

Custom footwear makers can leverage the platform's robust API to deliver dynamic 3D visualizations and AR experiences directly to their customers. The integration process is streamlined, allowing for rapid deployment and scalability as business needs grow.

Key benefits include:

  • Enhanced user experience with fast-loading, interactive 3D models
  • Simplified maintenance and updates to the visual commerce elements
  • Compatibility with a wide range of e-commerce platforms
By adopting a headless commerce strategy, retailers can future-proof their online presence, adapting quickly to new technologies and consumer demands while maintaining a consistent and engaging user interface.


Discover the cutting-edge capabilities of Threekit's platform, where innovation meets visual commerce. Don't let the challenges of ecommerce step on your business growth—visit our website now to learn more.