Visual Commerce for Commercial Bathrooms

Incorporating innovative visual solutions, offering product customization and streamlining order processing enhances the overall shopping experience for commercial bathroom clients and customers. Keep reading to find out why.

Key Takeaways

  • Incorporating innovative visual solutions engages customers in your product and increases their sense of confidence in buying.
  • Customization options offer a sense of ownership to the customer by allowing them to ensure the product meets their unique needs.
  • Efficient order processing systems streamline operations, shortening manufacturing and delivery time and improving customer satisfaction.

Enhancing Commercial Bathroom Product Shopping Experiences

When it comes to commercial bathroom products and design, customers are often overwhelmed by decision paralysis that arises from too many options that are difficult to compare. Additionally, attempting to imagine all elements gathered together in one room can present a hurdle. 

The solution to eliminating this hurdle, as well as enhancing customer engagement by creating an immersive, user-friendly experience is advanced visualization tools.

Threekit enables businesses to create immersive visual experiences that are not only appealing but also highly customizable. This level of personalization is increasingly important as it directly correlates with customer satisfaction. In fact, digital shoppers are willing to pay a premium for products they can tailor to their preferences.

Threekit product configurator example of sink vendor

Innovative Visual Solutions

Humans are visual by nature. A recent study found that three days after presentation, people are likely to remember only 10% of textual information and a whopping 65% of content that has great visuals.

Providing high-quality visuals of your products engages consumers and relays more information about a product than a descriptive paragraph can.

ind-kitchen_sink_croppedFor example, an interactive 3D image that customers can rotate 360° or zoom in on to see granular details helps them understand texture, sheen and relative dimension in a space. This mimics the in-store experience, without the time-based pressure of being in a physical store.

Conversely, a high-quality 2D image can showcase a product or line of products in an environment, appealing to aspirational design strategies and inspiring customers. A tool like Visual Photographer ensures the environmental aspects of a photo are ideal and renders exactly perfect images every time.

High-quality images of a product reduce cognitive load on a customer, easing the shopping experience and increasing satisfaction.

Happy tap faucet configuratorProduct Customization

In the realm of commercial bathrooms, the ability to offer personalized options is a competitive necessity. Customers increasingly seek unique experiences, and product configurator platforms like Threekit enable businesses to meet this demand. 

To illustrate the impact of customization on customer satisfaction, consider the following data:

  • 83% of shoppers state that product imagery is crucial in their online purchase decisions.
  • Digital shoppers are willing to pay up to 20% more for a product they can customize.
  • When shoppers have a hand in creating their product, they are 60% more likely to buy.

These statistics underscore the value of investing in customizable visual commerce solutions. By doing so, businesses not only enhance the shopping experience with customer-centric design, but also reduce the rate of product return, increase brand loyalty and gain data-driven feedback on popular product configurations to leverage in future sales. 


Streamlining Business Operations

In the realm of visual commerce and CPQ solutions, Threekit's innovative software is at the forefront, offering seamless integration with various business systems such as sales, ERP, CPQ, ecommerce and PIM. This integration is crucial for supporting omnichannel selling, a necessity in today's diverse market landscape.

By optimizing the order processing workflow, businesses can focus on scaling their operations and improving the overall customer experience.


Efficient Order Processing

In the realm of visual commerce, particularly for commercial bathrooms, efficient order processing ensures that the customizations and configurations chosen by the customer are accurately reflected in the final product. Threekit's automatic order processing, streamlines this phase by generating orders with exact product specifications immediately after purchase.

This feature minimizes errors and accelerates the production cycle, leading to quicker delivery times and enhanced customer satisfaction. This system can handle complex configurations, including nested and parametric options, ensuring that even the most detailed custom orders are processed with precision.

Efficiency is key in visual commerce. Automatic order processing ensures that once a customer finalizes their unique design, the order is promptly generated with the exact specifications, streamlining the manufacturing and delivery process.


The table below illustrates the impact of efficient order processing on customer satisfaction and business growth:

Metric Before Implementation After Implementation
Order Accuracy 85% 99%
Production Cycle Time 14 days 7 days
Customer Satisfaction Rate 75% 95%

Embracing technologies that facilitate efficient order processing is a strategic move for any business in the visual commerce space. It is a testament to a company's commitment to excellence and customer-centricity.

Remodeled bathroom with fixtures designed in a visual configurator

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