The Value of Top-Tier Virtual Photography for VR and AR Shopping

Mother and daughter browsing on a furniture website with virtual photography

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) give shoppers the ability to immerse themselves in the online shopping experience, unlike any other technology. But virtual photography is the first step to optimize these experiences and enable total immersion.

Through the use of virtual photography, you can get the most from your VR and AR shopping platforms. You can also give your customers the best possible experience. 

Reliable software makes it easy to capture your products and develop interactive online shopping platforms that leave customers impressed and drive them toward a sale.

If you're wondering specifically why you should use virtual photography and a virtual photoshoot to digitize your products, here are some key reasons to implement this technology.

Pixelation Ruins the Illusion


With traditional photography and photoshoots, you can capture high-resolution images of your products. But they may still experience a degree of pixelation when used on product pages or in AR and VR applications.

If you want to ensure your virtual products are consistently high-quality, virtual photography is the key. 

This software can accurately capture your products and configurations to produce top-quality images. Then you can use them across all of your platforms. 

By eliminating pixelation in 3D models, your AR and VR experiences will be far more convincing. Your images will shine whether people are taking a virtual tour of a VR showroom or using their mobile devices to view a product in their home.

This is critical, as higher image quality leads people to trust vendors far more than low image quality.

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Instill Confidence With Accurate Colors

Your online customers will also want to be sure that the color of the final product matches their preferences. Seeing the product in person would normally be ideal. But online shoppers must rely on images to help them determine whether the coloration is just right.

Additionally, customers may want to know how well a product looks in the surrounding environment. This is particularly vital when it comes to furniture and decor. AR is one of the best tools to use to help instill confidence in customers when they're buying these types of products.

For example, a customer may want to see how a custom chair fits in with the room's interior design. Using AR and their mobile device, the customer could view the chair right at home in the designated spot. They can then fix the object in place and walk around to better gauge its appearance. 

Traditional photography can help produce professional photos. But you can maximize the accuracy of product colors and overall appearances using virtual photography. Today's innovations in this technology have enabled businesses to present their products online with great-looking images that truly reflect product quality. 

In turn, you can showcase your products through AR or VR and your product pages but also in ads. You can also showcase them on your website and social media profiles.

Show How Well Products Would Fit

Couple using AR and virtual photography to pick new furniture for their home

In addition to colors and general appearance, customers want to know whether furniture, equipment or other products would fit in their space before completing their purchase.

With the help of virtual photography and AR, customers would be able to see precisely how big a product actually is before buying. For example, in the previous example of the customer shopping for a custom chair, the customer will likely want to know how it fits in their space. 

In the case of a lounge chair, the customer may want to figure out how to arrange surrounding furniture to make sure there's enough space. Having an AR tool at the ready can eliminate the step of taking measurements. Instead, they can “place” the object wherever they want it to go. 

Meanwhile, something like a barstool would need to be neither too tall nor too short to keep people comfortable at a bar.

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Use Animations to Bring Products to Life

Another element you lose with traditional photography is the ability to animate your product images.

Virtual photography can capture every component and functionality in your products, enabling you to harness the power of animation in your visualizations, including AR and VR presentations.

For example, medical professionals may want to see how a certain custom medical device works before installing it in their laboratory for the first time. Animations would help display motion and functionality. 

With the addition of explosive views and accompanying descriptive text and specifications, customers would know the ins and outs of the product before purchasing.

Animations could also simply help engage people with your products. They'll be entertained as they customize or shop for the ideal product. The end result is more engagement and customer satisfaction.

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Other Advantages of Virtual Photography

One huge benefit of virtual photography entails providing customers with the perfect AR and VR experience. But another key advantage is the ability to simplify photoshoots.

With traditional photoshoots, you would need to handle all of the logistics of shipping your products out for a shoot. You would also be responsible for hiring a professional photographer. 

All you need with virtual photography is a powerful computer and material samples of your products to create high-fidelity images that best represent your inventory. Using innovative software, you can produce top-quality 2D and 3D images for use:

  • On product pages
  • In product configurators
  • On other platforms

Ultimately, the ROI you generate through virtual photography will likely be much higher than what you see with its traditional counterpart. This is particularly the case if you develop high-quality images that boost customer confidence and efficiently lead them to a sale.

Try Threekit's Virtual Photography Software

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