Utilize Visual Commerce for Doors

Visual commerce is a powerful tool that can revolutionize the way customers interact with and purchase doors online. By incorporating visual elements like 3D configurators, businesses can enhance customer engagement, increase conversion rates and improve brand perception. 

Key Takeaways

  • Visual commerce enhances customer engagement and increases conversion rates by providing customization, advanced product visuals and an intuitive user interface.
  • Integrating a visual commerce platform with can streamline the sales and support cycles, providing faster time-to-market and higher customer satisfaction.
  • Headless solutions in visual commerce facilitate advanced configuration capabilities, supporting agility in the market and ecommerce scalability.

Benefits of Visual Commerce for Doors


Enhancing Customer Engagement

Threekit's visual commerce platform helps businesses captivate customers through real-time product configuration, interactive and photorealistic product visualizations and an intuitive user interface that supports accuracy and manufacturing efficiency.

This not only enriches the shopping experience but also fosters a deeper connection between the customer and the product. It can even encourage digital shoppers to visit your showroom.

The Power of Visualization

Statistics show that 83% of shoppers consider product imagery to be the most crucial aspect in their buying decisions. And with digital shopping for critical items like doors, shopper confidence is key to securing a sale.

By empowering consumers to visualize products in real or aspirational environments, they can ensure the perfect fit and style within their space.

This level of interactivity reduces the uncertainty that often accompanies online purchases, increases satisfaction and decreases the likelihood of costly product returns.

ind-windows and doors

Threekit's advanced visual engine generates 3D visualizations of each product with 360° accuracy from just a few product images. Manufacturing aspects such as exact color or material are uploaded to the 3D asset management library as individual files, allowing consistent and correct overlay of each customer choice. 

That 3D render can be used with the included augmented reality (AR) tool, which gives shoppers an accurate experience of the door in their own environment, in real time. This ability is crucial for consumers looking to replace a door in their existing building.

Digital shoppers express a 66% increase in confidence when 3D and AR visuals are available.

For shoppers looking for a door as part of a building project, Threekit Spaces aids custom design by providing a room design interface on your ecommerce site. 

Shoppers can draw the shape of their room on a grid, with accuracy down to the inch, and populate it with your door to see an accurate representation of the proposed area.


You can further inspire shoppers by employing the Virtual Photographer tool, which converts your 3D renders into stunning, photorealistic product images.

With the ability to save background scenes in the asset library, you can quickly and easily create thousands of aspirational product images for omnichannel marketing. This tool completely removes the need for costly and time-consuming photoshoots, as well as the burden of carrying showroom stock.

Our highly scalable visual commerce technology offers a consistent and holistic customer experience across all sales channels, boosting brand trust.

Therma Tru Hinged Door Configurator

Empowering Customers with Configurability

Customers that can personalize a product through 3D configurations are 60% more likely to make a purchase. For door sales, which represent a significant buyer investment, this technology elevates a business within the marketplace.

Shoppers on your site can select a series of configurable aspects of their chosen door via menu and watch their selections apply in real time.

Price differences associated with various configuration SKUs are also shown in real time, reducing any confusion or mismatch of expectation.

There's a 60% increase in the likelihood of a purchase when shoppers are involved in the product customization process. Additionally, shoppers are willing to spend 20% more for a tailored item.

During the configuration process, customers can rotate the door and zoom in or out for more visual details. By allowing shoppers to view their custom configurations from every angle and distance, they can make informed decisions with confidence, knowing exactly what they're purchasing. 

This level of interaction not only satisfies the customer's desire for a unique product but also instills a sense of ownership, further propelling them toward checkout.

Drive efficiency and empower channel sales with self-service configuration.

A Scalable Solution

Fully composable and run on APIs, Threekit works seamlessly with your current and future tech stack. As you grow, your visual experiences grow at near-limitless scale.

Utilizing Headless Solutions for Agility

In the realm of visual commerce, particularly for doors, the adoption of headless architecture platforms offers greater flexibility and customization options, allowing businesses to create unique and engaging shopping experiences.

Unlike traditional ecommerce systems, headless solutions separate the front end from the back end, enabling rapid changes to the user interface without affecting the underlying systems.

The agility provided by headless commerce is essential for businesses that prioritize a fast-paced market and customer-centric approaches.

Moreover, headless solutions facilitate advanced configuration capabilities, such as nested and parametric configurations, which are crucial for door retailers offering extensive customization options.

The integration of headless commerce into ecommerce platforms ensures that the visual and interactive elements of the product pages are optimized for conversion, while the back-end processes, including order processing, remain robust and efficient.

Nordan door customizer-gif

Greater Efficiency in Post-Purchase Workflows

Automated order processing ensures that once a customer finalizes their door configuration, the system instantly generates a precise order with the exact specifications. This seamless transition reduces the likelihood of error and speeds production time.

Additionally, manufacturing outputs are automatically supplied, including a bill-of-materials, CAD files, cut patterns and assembly instructions. Production can begin immediately, resulting in faster delivery time and happier customers.

With all aspects of the configured product saved together, customer support is better able to assist with any concerns and bulk customers can easily place a larger order.


Elevate your ecommerce and maximize digital door sales by seamlessly integrating visual commerce capabilities with your platform. Discover how by contacting us for a free demo.