Unlock a Seamless Customer Experience in the Salesforce Ecosystem

Let’s dive into the dynamic world of using Threekit within the Salesforce ecosystem. In this blog post, we'll explore how Threekit empowers Salesforce customers to elevate their game and deliver an immersive 360° experience for their clients.

Why Choose Threekit?

To set the stage, let's delve into some essential facts about Threekit:

  • Salesforce ISV partnership: Threekit is a proud Salesforce ISV partner, solidifying its commitment to seamless operation within the Salesforce ecosystem.
  • Pricing and revenue benefits: Salesforce customers enjoy a substantial 15% boost when leveraging Threekit's visual commerce platform.
  • Strategic funding: Backed by a robust financial foundation, Threekit has secured $65 million in funding, including support from Salesforce Ventures.
  • Global support and certification: Threekit boasts 24/7 global support and holds ISO 27001 compliance certification, ensuring reliability and quality service.
  • Gartner recognition: Recognized twice by Gartner as a top enterprise platform, Threekit stands out in the realm of visual commerce and composable.

Screencap of product configurator in salesforce for TuffShed brand

Create Stunning Visual Experiences

Threekit empowers companies to craft visually stunning experiences of their complex products. These experiences can reach customers through various channels, including sales channels, ecommerce websites and more.

By utilizing state-of-the-art 3D imagery, Threekit enables consumers to recreate the in-store experience. Robust customization options allow consumers to craft a version of the product that completely suits their needs, giving a sense of ownership and investment with the brand. With the ability to utilize augmented reality (AR), renderings created with Threekit's visual commerce solutions overlay the customer's environment in real time, increasing customer satisfaction.

Salesforce 2022 best future of the store award Badge

Unlock Salesforce Potential

Threekit is an integral part of the Salesforce enterprise toolkit, providing a sticky product that enhances the customer experience across all channels. Notable clients, such as TaylorMade, have leveraged Threekit within the Salesforce ecosystem and seen unprecedented return on investment (ROI) with it.

Through Threekit and the Salesforce ecosystem, a business can:
  • Provide a high-quality image of a product on commerce sites.
  • Enable real-time, error-free price quotes and product availability to customers.
  • Allow consumers to customize products, including creating upselling and cross-selling opportunities.
  • Enable in-store sales teams to see what product the customer was recently browsing.
  • Allow for zoom-in, explosion and 360° visual experiences online and in-store, to give the customer an enhanced and detailed experience of their product.
  • Track key metrics that can be utilized by data analytics programs to measure the success of marketing campaigns, as well as create more accurate user personas.
  • Integrate seamlessly with existing business product inventory management, enterprise resource planning, enterprise content management and computer-aided design programs, enabling sales and engineering teams to collaborate more effectively.

Screencap of 3d configuration of a productThe list of options continues, but a key component is ease of use. Setting up a product configurator on Salesforce only requires three simple steps.

  1. Import or create image files. If you don't have a 3D image or CAD file, Threekit can create one for you from reference images.
  2. Plug into the platform. Files are imported as models, materials and assets. Threekit uses the rules from your product catalog to create parameters for how a customer can configure the product on your Salesforce store.
  3. Go live. Threekit placee the player on your Salesforce store with a built-in user interface.

Threekit is reshaping the landscape of visual commerce within the Salesforce ecosystem. As manufacturers and retailers strive to enhance their digital sales channels, Threekit emerges as a powerful ally. To learn more, connect with the team for a firsthand experience of the visual revolution.