Top 8 Brands Using Visual Configuration for Apparel

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Amid fierce competition and rapidly evolving customer dynamics, savvy clothing retailers recognize the importance of visual merchandising and presenting their products in a way that appeals to shoppers. More and more businesses are also turning to visual configuration for apparel.


Visual configuration is a revolution in the eCommerce industry, offering shoppers an interactive experience that is simple, streamlined and, most importantly, personalized to their exact specifications. 

It is a new way of customizing apparel that is fast and efficient. It allows prospective buyers to see how the garment will look before they buy it, so they can make an informed decision about what will fit best.

Find out how top brands are using visual configuration for apparel to their advantage.

1. Nike


Nike is a brand that uses visual configuration for apparel. It has a large customer base, and the company uses the technology to create a unique experience for its customers. 

Nike's visual configurator allows customers to design their shoes and apparel. Customers can choose from various colors, materials and styles to create the perfect product. Nike's visual configurator is an excellent way for customers to express their individuality and creativity.

2. Burberry

Burberry is a luxury brand with a visual configuration tool for apparel to create a unique customer experience. The company designs and manufactures its products, including ready-to-wear products, accessories and footwear. 

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The company's logo has always been vital for them because it represents the company's values: sophistication, timelessness and elegance — all characteristics shared by many members of its staff who work at the brand every day!

The visual configurator tool allows users to tweak the apparel's design according to their preference and view the items as they would appear in their space before buying them. However, this feature is still being rolled out and is available for use only with select items. 

3. Levi's

Levi's is a well-known clothing company for its blue denim jeans. The company has been using visual configuration for apparel for several years.

Levi's visual configuration tool lets shoppers choose from various styles and colors. They can see how the clothes will look on their body type before making a purchase. 

Levi's also offers a wide range of sizes so shoppers can find the perfect fit for their body type. The visual configurator for apparel makes it easy for shoppers to find the right size for themselves. 

This helps to reduce returns and increase customer satisfaction and confidence in their purchases.

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4. Gap

The company offers a wide range of clothing options for men, women and children, and customers can choose from various colors, styles and sizes. Gap also offers a 'customize' option on its website, allowing customers to select colors and patterns for some of its clothing items.

Gap's use of visual configuration is a great way to allow customers to find the perfect clothing item for them. It is also a great way to promote customer loyalty. 

Customers who are able to find the perfect clothing item from Gap are more likely to come back and shop with the company again in the future. Additionally, the company saves a lot on product returns and related restocking costs.

5. Wrangler

Customer getting the custom jeans she ordered through a tool offering visual configuration for apparel

Wrangler is a brand that sells clothing, footwear and accessories. Even though the parent company originated much earlier, Wrangler got its start in 1947. It manufactured blue jeans with reinforced stitching to reinforce the pockets and increase their longevity.

Wrangler markets its products primarily toward young men and women who work outside in harsh environments where they need maximum protection from the elements at all times. It also sells an extensive line of outerwear for men and women, including jackets, trousers (jeans), vests, warmers, sweaters, boots and more.

Understandably, its target market barely has less time to fumble with product returns, and it's for this reason that Wrangler has a visual configuration for apparel feature on the site. Although it's not as advanced, the tool enables buyers to closely inspect the items before buying and customize different color options to suit their tastes.

6. Guess

Guess is a leading fashion brand that uses visual configuration to help its customers find the right clothes. The company's website features a tool that allows shoppers to customize their clothing. Shoppers can choose the style, color and fit of their clothing and add personal touches such as monograms.

7. Moncler

Moncler is a French-Italian sportswear brand that sells coats, jackets, sweaters and other items for men and women. The Alps inspired the company's founder while he was skiing in the mountains, and he wanted to create an elegant style of clothing that could withstand harsh weather conditions while remaining stylish and functional.

Moncler uses visual configuration for apparel to help customers choose the right size when ordering online or at their retail stores worldwide. It's challenging to strike a balance between getting an elegant piece, ensuring it's resistant to extreme weather conditions and exceeding customer expectations.

With the visual configurator, Moncler does it with ease and consistent perfection. The company's profitability and longevity are a testament to this.

8. Adidas

Adidas is one of the largest sportswear retailers. True to its commitment to providing exceptional service to its clients, it has embraced virtual configuration for apparel.

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The company offers a wide range of products that can be customized with visual configuration. Customers can choose from a variety of colors, styles and sizes. They can also add their names, team names and numbers to their purchases.

There are two visual configurators that can be used. The first is designed for sports teams or related groups, and individual buyers can use the other

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email-apparel-jpressVisual configuration is a great way to create more streamlined designs and allow your customers to select their styles without having them tailored by professionals at every step. 

This method allows you to provide more options for your customers and offer them a better experience. The method is not without its challenges, though. 

It can be difficult to determine what your customers want and present them with a variety of options that they will enjoy. In addition, this process requires a lot of time and effort from you and patience from your customers.

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