Why Adding Visual Configuration to Salesforce CPQ Drives Deal Velocity

This post is part of our Threekit Webinar Series, a blog series where we recount the most pertinent takeaways from the Threekit insiders and guest experts who are thought leaders in the 3D and augmented reality space.  

Salesforce CPQ users can benefit from 3D configurators and 3D product photography more than ever before. We’re in the midst of a dramatic shift toward most consumer and B2B purchases taking place online. In fact, eCommerce has grown more in mere weeks during the pandemic than in the previous 10 years. The way we shop online, and our expectations, are only going to increase.

Recently three industry leaders: John Wright, Account Executive and Tony Lopez, Sales Engineer (both from Threekit) and Dylan Ferguson, Director of Sales at Simplus, met for a conversation about how their tools and resources can translate into effective eCommerce strategies. 

Salesforce CPQ process



One trend is clearly seeing a spike — the expectation of rich product imagery. 83% of buyers say product visuals are the most influential factor in online purchasing decisions. The better your product visual, the better chances of a sale. Using a 3D configurator or visualization tool combines commercial strategy with creative power. Users can create what they want while getting an idea of price at the same time.


An Introduction to Salesforce CPQ

The Salesforce CPQ, (or “Configure, Price, Quote”) is a powerful asset for eCommerce marketers. Occasionally businesses try to create their own CPQ or work with less experienced partners to save on expenses. What happens more often than not is that an expert is recruited to set things right.


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Salesforce CPQ and Threekit webinar


Working with product visualization experts is delivering results for customers. Users encounter more accurate product information, including bundles so they get what they need. They have more opportunities for self-service, meaning people can answer their own questions. And, we’re seeing Improved purchasing experiences for customers and partners thanks to a no-think process that makes for a successful online shopping experience.


An Introduction to Threekit

Threekit roots go back to Hollywood and the start of 3D use on the web by Ben Houston, Threekit founder and present-day CTO. He made his mark creating stunning 3D visual effects for powerhouse productions like the Marvel franchise, Game of Thrones, and the Harry Potter series. Eventually he chose to take his expertise to the online marketing world.


Why Threekit is the Right solution for Small Business Product Configurator-1


In 2016 Houston was approached by companies with big catalogues like Crate & Barrel and Herman Miller. That’s when Threekit found an opportunity to solve business problems. He knew this platform had to be visually appealing, be scalable, and accommodate for collaboration because most teams worked on different assets in different locations. Today, Threekit is made up of 85 seasoned CPQ professionals putting Ben’s vision into practice.


Combining Threekit and Salesforce CPQ

Threekit is built to tie products, attributes, and product images together in any integration

Threekit creates software with prebuilt integration that ties products, options, attributes, and product images together. Rather than looking at text line items, CPQ experiences created with Threekit visualization tools give shoppers a chance to look at the actual product. This is helpful, not only for consumer-focused businesses but for B2B as well when customers often need to re-order or find replacements.

These experiences deliver high-quality configured product visuals automatically in configurable 3D or augmented reality (AR) directly within the quote stage. AR even puts the product into the user’s actual space.

This results in an overall better product visual experience allowing team members to better serve customers across their lifecycle because service people are able to determine exactly what it is the customer owns or has owned.


building a 3d visual

Ease of Use

Threekit products couldn’t be easier to use. Threekit can be launched right in your existing CPQ external configurator. It simply overlays that 3D visual inside your CPQ. When building your 3D visual, you can choose not only what attributes to include but also precisely where they’ll be included. This is critical for users as it answers virtually any question they may have. When it’s ready, that visual is dynamically added to your CPQ bundle. It’s also dynamically saved so you won’t have to rebuild for future configurators.

From creating a Salesforce product configurator to generating thought leadership like this post, the team at Threekit is constantly keeping brands ahead of the curve. If you’re ready to incorporate a product visualizer into your existing CPQ or want further guidance in your eCommerce marketing journey, get in touch with us today for a consultation or demo.