Threekit Partners with Showpad to Enhance Sales with 3D and AR

Sales teams can now present immersive product experiences directly from the leading sales enablement platform.


2020 was a transformative year in sales engagement, due largely to the impact of COVID-19 and the shift to remote selling.  Product sales people across industries are hunting for ways to create engaging virtual experiences while maintaining sales velocity. 


To meet this demand, Showpad, the global sales enablement leader, and Threekit have partnered to bring enhanced 3D visualization and augmented reality to Showpad’s platform, improving buyer engagement and boosting the effectiveness of virtual sales experiences.

Through this partnership, organizations that sell physical products can now use Threekit’s technology to configure 3D and augmented reality content directly inside the Showpad platform in real-time. This will help deliver compelling and immersive product experiences to buyers, even as the sales cycle is remote.

“As sales conversations increasingly shift to virtual environments, it’s more challenging than ever before for sellers to engage buyers,” said Louis Jonckheere, Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder of Showpad. “With Threekit’s visualization technologies, sellers now have a highly engaging way to deliver the best buying experience by allowing their prospects and customers to configure specific products and then see exactly how they look. This is a game-changer in today’s complex and competitive selling environment.”

Businesses and brands with highly complex, highly customizable or extensive product portfolios to sell find it difficult to share, educate and engage buyers on all possible product options and permutations. Helping buyers visualize a broad product offering is exceedingly difficult, whether in-person or in a virtual sales environment. This makes Threekit a particularly relevant partner for Showpad at this time. 

“Sales enablement is an incredibly important part of building a great sales team and Showpad is an amazing solution for teams to communicate value more effectively,” said Matt Gorniak, CEO of Threekit. “We’re thrilled to be partnering with Showpad so that now, any Showpad customer can also engage buyers with interactive 3D and AR to drive more confidence and faster sales.”

Through this partnership, sales teams can create compelling interactive product experiences by: 

  • Enabling visual configuration for complex products and solutions at scale
  • Letting buyers see configured products in augmented reality
  • Using  Threekit’s Virtual Photographer™️ tool to create photorealistic images at a massive scale and at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional photography

Are you thinking about powering your sales organization with a sales enablement tool? Or are you a Showpad customer interested in adding 3D configuration or AR to your repertoire? Let’s schedule some time to talk through the possibilities.