Threekit Partners with for Immersive Commerce

With this partnership, smart companies can develop immersive, visual digital experiences that engage visitors, boost conversions, and transform their businesses.


It's 2021 and companies are scrambling to capitalize on the massive 40% surge in eCommerce demand in 2020. The companies that stand to benefit the most are those that differentiate themselves with high-end digital customer experiences that demand attention and convert sales. With's comprehensive offering for driving digital growth and Threekit's powerful technology for product visuals, clients can build 3D and AR-enabled experiences that will redefine their relationships with their digital audiences.

Snip20210318_33 is a web design, development, and digital marketing agency that's been developing growth-driving strategies and solutions for over 25 years. With a wide and balanced portfolio of clients including everyone from Fortune 500 companies to NFL teams, provides a comprehensive array of digital offerings with proven results. With Threekit's technology,'s team believes they can help their clients reach new heights in product visualization, 3D configuration, and augmented reality.

“We are proud of our 25+ years of success creating unique, dynamic web solutions for companies both large and small.  This partnership with ThreeKit will only help us better serve our clients and present them with best in class 3D and AR assets to stay relevant.”

- Jerry Boduch, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, 

Those looking for ways to improve ecommerce customer experience should stay tuned for updates to come on innovative use cases, collaborative projects, and thought leadership resulting from this partnership.

“In 2021, eCommerce is all about the customer experience. The biggest lever of differentiation is an immersive product experience in 2D/3D & AR which allows customers to experience products similarly to how they do in the real world. American Eagle understands that and we're thrilled to bring the Threekit platform to their clients and accelerate their growth in today's ultra-competitive eCommerce Market."

- Matt Gorniak CEO, Threekit