Threekit gets a refreshed brand

Threekit has always been about creating incredible visual customer experiences.

But what does that mean?

Well, I bet that at least half of you have your cell phone in front of you right now and that you're already feeling the urge to stop reading this blog post and go over to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or Youtube.

It's because we all love visual experiences. We look at our phones and our social networks and become immersed in rich, meaningful pictures and videos. 

Except when we're shopping. As buyers, we rarely get to see everything (every color, every angle, every combination) we want to see about that thing we want to buy. At Threekit, we call this the Visual Experience Gap. And most companies fall into it.

Threekit is a platform that enables companies to create rich, deep visuals in 3D, photorealist images, and augmented reality. And to creates thousands, even millions of these visuals with just a single design file. 

As we're so focused on creating beautiful visual experiences for our customers, we also wanted to refresh our brand to reflect that. Today we're excited to announced our new branding:



As well as updated colors and font:


We worked with the incredible designers Kara and Shang Lin at The Gymnasium to create this new brand which allows us a bit more visual creativity and dynamism while keeping a sharp, tight brand.

We're excited to keep building with our amazing customers!