Threekit and Proximity Insight Clienteling Partner to Bring the In-Store Experience Online

Threekit and Proximity Insight are now delivering highly personalized virtual photography, interactive 3D, AR, clienteling, live chat and virtual consultations for retailers using Salesforce to bring online shopping to life.

The combined solution of Proximity Insight, Threekit and Salesforce allows customer facing teams to become omnichannel champions and provides customers with the closest thing to an in-store experience.  

As purchasing shifts online the emotion linked to shopping is being lost and with it goes customer loyalty. Proximity Insight’s digital clienteling enables associates to build relationships and serve customers virtually as they would in-store, extending a 1-1 human connection to online customers that builds trust and loyalty.

Static images of products can further desensitize emotion toward a brand. Threekit have revolutionized product visualization and customization making it easy for brands to showcase their products. With compelling 3D imagery every beautiful product detail can be seen and appreciated by the customer while AR places the product in the hands and home of the customer creating an irresistible buy now moment.

Product visualization coupled with human connection brings the online purchase experience to life, triggering a richer, more engaging experience for the customer. For the brand virtual selling is taken to a new realm of reality.

Starting today with Threekit 3D/AR, Proximity Insight and Salesforce you can:

  • Replicate the sensory experience of a physical store, online
  • Maximize virtual selling capabilities
  • Spin, configure, and customize your product to reveal every single detail with 360 degree views
  • Turn customer facing teams into Omnichannel champions
  • Build 1-1 human connections to customers through the eCommerce channel
  • Showcase multiple images of products without the need for expensive photoshoots
  • Elevate the customer experience by offering virtual consultations, live chat and personalized edits
  • Recognize customers using data from mobile, web, and in-store

The customer will feel like they were there. A game changing solution set for e-Commerce.

"The combination of best in class solutions like Salesforce, Threekit, and Proximity Insight, has the power to really change how brands sell luxury products enabling customers to enjoy a better, more immersive online shopping experience" says Cathy McCabe, CEO, Proximity Insight. "We’re really looking forward to seeing how visualization technology will help to stimulate online and virtual sales and enhance customer engagement.” 

To learn more about how too drive amazing experiences online that match or do even better than in-store experiences, join us for the Threekit and Proximity Insight Webinar this Wednesday January 27 at 11am CT.


"eCommerce continues to massively accelerate and the brands that continue to invest in understanding the customer and create a more immersive eCommerce customer experience are going to win big" Said Matt Gorniak, CEO of Threekit. "Clientelling and other highly personalized customer experiences represent 

a future where shopping online is omnichannel and actually better - in every way - than shopping in-store only. We're excited to partner with Proximity Insight to create amazingly personalized experiences in interactive 3D, Virtual Photography, and Augmented Reality"