Threekit and Making 3D B2B & B2C eCommerce Selling a Reality

If you're a brand currently selling your products online  and you're looking for a way to differentiate your brand from your competition, then you have perfect timing. Thanks to a partnership decision made by the award-winning and comprehensive product visualization platform Threekit and the powerful, next-generation headless configuration engine, it will be easier than ever for eCommerce businesses to give their B2B and B2C customers the experience they want with the tools they need. 


So, what exactly does this partnership bring to customers? Let's take a deeper look at how Threekit and can work together to improve your sales and CX.

What kind of businesses benefit most from + Threekit?

Threekit and make the perfect duo for delivering engaging product configuration experiences. Their best-in-class technology and customer experience combined with their next generation innovations to the product visualization and configuration categories serve as an amazing advantage to any eCommerce business.

However, the businesses for which they are the most vital are those with large sets of attributes,   sophisticated configuration rules, and multi-dependency rules and constraints. The types of businesses that tend to best fit this description include:

  • Manufacturing products
  • High-tech manufacturing 
  • Medical devices
  • Buildings and structures
  • High-end or complex goods

Why do businesses need + Threekit?

You'll often hear people talk about how today's consumers want the ability tocustomize their products. Furthermore, they vastly prefer businesses with self-guided sales processes and self-service customer support options. 

This is the case for a large segment of both B2B and B2C customers across all industries and channels.

Businesses are often baffled by how many customers now favor doing it alone. They remember when having representatives walk customers through a business's products and services acted as a huge selling point. 

Many don't understand what factors caused such a massive and widespread paradigm shift. Luckily, Threekit and do.

The new eCommerce landscape

The eCommerce landscape is always changing and evolving. With new technological developments come updated customer expectations. 

Millennials and Gen Z shoppers are gradually becoming a larger percentage of overall B2C consumers and taking over purchasing roles in B2B companies. With this shift in demographics comes a shift in perspective regarding the ideal buyer's journey and the role of a company's marketing, sales, and customer service teams within it.

Growing up in the information age with all the world's knowledge at their fingertips taught them to find answers by doing their own research. Constantly adapting to the ever-changing technologies and devices used to access it all made them dynamic and capable consumers. These conditions fostered fierce independence and self-reliance.

When you live in the digital world, everything moves at hyper speeds. The customers of today are always in a hurry. Life just moves faster online. 

Being more adept with technology of all kinds means they no longer have a need for a sales rep to explain each product and option.

There's no reason for them to tell someone what they're looking for, describe it in detail, wait for the rep to create a design, go over it, suggest changes, and approve it. 

They don't have that kind of time. Besides, they can do all that themselves — and much faster.

Self-service improves the customizing experience

Self-service may seem counterintuitive, and business owners can sometimes see it as giving customers less. However, they're really just meeting the new needs of consumers and listening to their preferences. 

Businesses providing an interactive, self-service buying experience will instantly have a massive leg up on the competition.

In the eyes of the average consumer, they want to take control of configuring the solution that best meets their needs. Tailoring products to their exact specifications on their own, quickly and easily, is by far the superior buying experience. 

The data backs this up. When businesses start using a product configuration engine with top-of-the-line visualization software, they get a dramatic boost in customer experience metrics, customer confidence, customer retention, and future loyalty.

Of course, your goal as a business owner is to satisfy your customers by giving them products, services, and experiences that make them happy. However, if listening to the customer and following through on their requests just so happens to increase your conversion rates, product pricing, purchase frequency, and customer lifetime value (CLV), all while also reducing returns and lowering your costs, so be it.

How do the platforms work together?

Threekit and are two of the most effective eCommerce solutions in the product customization and configuration space. The people who run these companies have decades of experience building and selling solutions in the configuration category, and have a deep knowledge of customer needs, and the evolution of the market. m. 

Over the years, they've paved the way forward and shaped the eCommerce landscape as we know it today. These companies have each come to dominate their respective fields and continue to lead the way.

With their track records of innovation and all that success under their belts, the only way to top themselves was to combine these highly specialized solutions to create one all-inclusive, fully immersive configuration and visualization powerhouse platform for interactive 3D B2B and B2C eCommerce selling. 

Let's dive a little deeper into what Threekit and each does on its own and what they're capable of as a unified platform. is a next-generation, best-in-class,  configuration engine powering the configuration logic, rules, and conditions  that help direct how products can and should be sold.  Technology that’s particularly valuable for more sophisticated products. is built with a headless commerce architecture . This means that it easily connects to any front-end user interface via APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), including Threekit's industry-leading visual product configurator.

This framework, along with its proprietary solving engine gives it unparalleled speed and performance capabilities. While most back-end engines would be tied down by the front-end interface, is completely untethered. 

This dynamic ability gives it the freedom and flexibility to provide customers with any user-interface experience and easily change or customize the user experience without the hassle of traditional eCommerce methods.

The headless commerce framework is so successful because of its focus. Instead of spreading resources between the front- and back-end aspects, each side can focus on using all its power to optimize the task at hand. 

That's why can handle far more sophisticated configurations for products with the greatest number of attributes, configuration rules, and multi-dependency rules and constraints. Simultaneously, it remains lightning-fast and maintains the performance and responsiveness customers crave.


Threekit is a buyer interface for visual product configuration. That means that users interact with Threekit's highly user-friendly interface directly to choose between the different configuration and customization options available. 

Simple checkboxes and dropdown menus make it easy for anyone of any skill level to use this technology to truly make a product their own.

Threekit's state-of-the-art product visualization technology then uses its choices to generate industry-leading, high-quality, and accurate visuals. Each image will reflect the customer's exact specifications in real time. As they make changes, these dynamic visuals reflect each alteration back to them.

Real-time dynamic visuals show users how their finished product design will look. This creates realistic expectations and helps them create their ideal product. 

It's almost as if it's displaying the ideal version of the product that the customer sees in their head.

Threekit's visualization platform consists of various tools and techniques for generating these visuals. This includes:

The Virtual Photographer™

Threekit's Virtual Photographer™ uses an array of 3D product information to generate stunning 2D photorealistic product images. It can create images of all your possible customization combinations. 

Customers will get to view stunning photos of every possible product configuration. You'll get exponentially more product photos while cutting your product photography costs by as much as 90%!

3D Configurator

Our 3D configurator can display billions of customization and configuration options in real time. It also shows users extremely detailed, interactive 3D visuals that clearly display what the products look like from every angle.

Augmented Reality (AR) Capabilities

AR allows users to see what products would look like in their space. They can display the completely customized product configuration they just created in their own homes to make sure the product:

  • Is the right size
  • Fits the visual aesthetic of the space
  • Meets their needs

One unified platform with Threekit and

Combining and Threekit allows the most advanced and sophisticated configuration rules and product attributes to be managed in the optimal order within's back-end solving engine. The rules are then matched to the attributes being configured by the end-user in the Threekit interface. 

Users seamlessly go through the frictionless configuration process. They see high-quality visuals of their changes in real time along the way.

The platform can be further enhanced and customized by integrating your existing eCommerce experience and management software. Integrate your Salesforce CPQ, enterprise resource planning (ERP), Product Information Management (PIM), and any other solutions you use. 

This partnership allows you to provide the best of everything and add anything you need to build the ideal experience for your customers.

The bottom line on Threekit and

This combination of Threekit and represents the culmination of all the best eCommerce advancements and capabilities. It’s all coming together in one place to provide the best-in-class online experience for customers and a new vision of eCommerce selling like you've never seen before. 

For businesses already selling online, providing an interactive 3D experience that is fast, high-performance, and user-friendly gives businesses a competitive edge like no other with a completely unique selling experience that can't be beat.