The State of Furniture eCommerce Experience 2022

Threekit has published “The State of Furniture eCommerce Experience 2022,”  a summary of findings from its survey of over 100 furniture marketers, eCommerce directors, merchandisers and digital experts. 

The survey findings cover everything from how macroeconomic factors like supply chain issues impact customer experience to the innovations and new developments in which furniture brands and retailers are planning to invest over the next year. 

3K furniture infographic

Top insights include: 

1) Furniture marketers want solutions that make it easier to manage and update their eCommerce site. The top consideration for furniture marketers when exploring digital eCommerce solutions is “Ease of Use”. 

2) 3D is the future…and the future is now.  72% of furniture marketers say they have implemented 3D configuration or augmented reality on their site or are looking to do so in the next year.

3) It’s about investing less to get more. The top KPI's for furniture marketers are decreasing Customer Acquisition Cost and increasing Average Order Value.


Additionally, the survey covers “hot topics” in the industry, as well as a list of top furniture influencers as named by their peers. 

You can download the 2022 Survey Summary here