Announcing Our Summer ‘22 Release: Helping Customers Show More & Sell More with Better Performance

Threekit’s Summer ‘22 Release is here and the theme is “performance.” Leading the visual commerce category means educating our prospects and customers about the value we bring while always upgrading our platform. The results impact our customers’ business as well as our customers’ shoppers’ experience. 

In that spirit, our summer release boasts three big upgrades to accelerate adoption and overall experience: 

  • Speed: Faster (up to 95% faster!) load times and a speed performance analyzer.

Why it matters: When selling online, every second counts. If a shopper has to wait too long to see your product, she’ll jump to the next site and you can kiss the sale goodbye. 

But when she can start engaging with your product quickly, they’re more likely to convert. Additionally, an engaging site experience means more time spent on site–this improves SEO scores (read: more traffic!)

And our speed analyzer puts you in control to determine the trade off between image quality and speed. Calibrate it to strike the perfect balance for your business.


  • 360 Degree Virtual Photographer: Panoramic, scannable room scenes. Configure and explore a whole room, no 3D artistry required.

Why it matters: Showing products in context and being able to scan an environment helps drive customer purchase confidence.

360vp-demo (1)

  • Better Platform Experience: Our new asset and tag management systems have been enhanced. 

Why it matters: Simply, these upgrades empower common admin tasks to be completed without having to click through multiple screens and sections. And speed and ease of administration translate into time (and money) saved. Not to mention, a stickier user experience. 

Above are just the high notes, but this is exciting stuff! 

Want to talk to our team about these platform upgrades and more? Schedule some time here

And if you want an even deeper dive into the release details (along with some great support imagery), check out an “inside perspective” from our Solutions Engineer, Lenord Younadam. He's a pro!