Shopify Product Customization Highlight: Bamford Watches

If you use Shopify for your business, there is a unique way to set your shop above all of the rest— customizing your products by using 3D and Augmented Reality (AR) with a Shopify product customizer.

Bamford Watch Custom-gif


A 3D product customizer is an interactive online tool that allows patrons to view your products in 3D from any side, while allowing them to change details of the item, such as size, color, font and texture. We’ll illustrate how a Shopify 3D product configuration can help your business stay ahead of the pack, by looking at a case study of Bamford Watches.


Configuration & Customization Details

Started by none other than George Bamford, Bamford Watches is the world’s ultimate go-to for customized luxury products. They pride themselves on their dedication to their customers— both with their exceptional level of customer service, as well the high-end quality of their work. According to Grand View Research, the global luxury watch market was valued at $6.9 billion in 2018, allowing for huge growth and market opportunities for companies like Bamford Watches.

Customizable elements for their watches include strap type, dial luminous, type of hand, engraving, and case color.

In terms of the straps you can choose from, there is rubber (available in black), leather (available in black/hot pink stitching, black/grey stitching, black/earth brown stitching, black/blue collette stitching, black/aqua stitching, black/orange stitching, black/red stitching, or black/white stitching), or NATO (available in sky blue, yellow/red, army green, beige, black/grey, green/black/red, grey, navy blue, olive green, orange, red/white/blue, black/red stripe, black/grey stripe, camouflage, grey and black stripes, or black).

As for the dial luminous, you can choose a white index (with collette blue, red, orange, black, grey, racing green, or royal blue dial) or a black index (with neon green/black, neon orange/black, neon pink/black, white, white/orange, white/red, white/collette blue, white/aqua blue, predator black, yellow, pink, earth brown, khaki, neon blue, neon green, neon orange, or neon pink dial).

In terms of the engraving options, you can place your choice of words on the bottom, middle, or choose none at all. There is also the option to add initials to the dial itself.

The case is also available in either black or grey.

As you select each of these many choices to make a one-of-a-kind timepiece, the product customizer reflects the changes in real time to show you how your unique product looks. Bamford Watch customization truly allows you to have an outstanding piece of jewelry.


Advantages of Customization

3D product customization has a number of benefits for Spotify shops. These advantages include increasing conversion rates, providing customers something engaging to interact with and make their own, improving overall communication between patrons and your business, and making you stick out from the crowd.

According to, the average amount of time spent on a website is 15 seconds. With these kinds of statistics, it is important to do whatever you can to have your business stand out from the rest, as more time on a website means more sales and therefore a higher overall conversion rate. In fact, goes on to advise on what characteristics help a website to stand out. They list, “Make your content smart,” “Make it different,” and “Make it mobile-friendly,” as three of the seven top tips.

A 3D product customizer can help provide all of these experiences for customers. In turn, patrons spend longer on your site playing with options instead of just looking at pictures or videos of the product. Bamford Watches provides thousands of different possible combinations, which helps to engage potential customers for longer.

The thing that really allows 3D product customization for Shopify to stand out is the level of user interaction that is possible. With eCommerce shopping, this technology is the closest thing to going into a store and holding the product yourself that is out there. With this next-level interaction, customers can see the product from different sides, rotate the image, and zoom in and out for a detailed view. It also allows shoppers to swap options such as type of strap, color of the dial, engraving, etc., all in real time based on what option Bamford Watches has available. This makes the entire shopping process user-friendly and captivating in a way that 2D assets such as videos and pictures are just not able to accomplish.

An additional bonus of 3D product configuration for Spotify businesses is that the extremely detailed depictions mean that the customer can see, up close, what their final product will look like. As a result, this lowers the chance that a piece arrives “not as described” and therefore additionally decreases the need for returns and reorders.

Furthermore, products that are customized at the time of purchase mean that you can keep less inventory in stock overall, as the exact product that the patrons would like will come through the moment the order is received by your business, such as with the customizable Bamford Watches. And with this reduction in capital needed for stock, companies can divert funds towards other corporate goals, such as increased marketing or other hiring.

Altogether, using a 3D product configuration for small businesses truly allows you stand out from the crowd. This is especially the case since it is a new technology, all things considered, so it is not yet used universally across all eCommerce retailers. By being at the forefront of this technology and using it to your company’s advantage the way Bamford Watches has, you illustrate to potential buyers that you are wholeheartedly centered on customer service, as well employing cutting edge technology to the advantage of both your company and your patrons. Also, it is helpful to remember that 3D configurations are great for striking marketing campaigns that will attract people to your website as well!


Different Features Available

Below you can find the different types of visuals a Shopify 3D product customizer allows a customer of Bamford Watches to see:

Straight on View:

bamford watch straight on view



Side 1:

bamford watch side view 1


Side 2:

bamford watch side view 2


Back View:

bamford watch back view


Bottom View:

bamford watch bottom view

Zoomed in View for Texture: Color Change:

bamford zoom in view

Please remember that these still images do not properly encapsulate the ability to control the attributes of the 3D product customizer yourself, but rather illustrate the level of customization and detail that this technology can provide.



If you are looking to set your Shopify business apart, do keep a Shopify 3D product configurator, in mind. We partner with Shopify and specialize in visual technology software that creates 3D product customization.

As for Bamford Watches, their 3D product customization allows for thousands of unique, different time pieces that are eye-catching and of the highest quality. These customization features increase conversion rates, provide customers something engaging to interact with and make their own, improve overall communication between patrons and your business, and give your business that customer-focused advantage.